Early Care and Education Program

Me-Wuk and Wawona Centers on West Campus 

Our Early Care and Education Laboratory classrooms are instructional training sites for Child Development students. College students enrolling in Child Development lab/practicum courses gain teaching experiences in the Me-Wuk and Wawona lab classrooms.

The children’s programs are a unique place where early care and education are offered while placing importance on cultural sensitivity and building caring relationships between children, their families, and our teachers; training early care and education teachers; and supporting families through formal MJC parenting course instruction.

The Me-Wuk Preschool/Child Development Lab accepts applications for children between the ages of 3 and 5 years. Children attend on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM.  To enroll your child in the Me-Wuk Preschool program please complete this application.

The Wawona Preschool/Toddler Lab operates in conjunction with Salida Head Start with first priority going to Early Head Start families and children with disabilities, between the ages of 18 months to 36 months old. The hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM. For more information call (209) 543-3102.

Other Child Care Resources:  Click here or call 209-238-6400


Health precautions in our classroom
  • When the child is coughing or sneezing, please help the child to quickly cover up the cough/sneeze with the crook of the arm. 
  • If the child coughs into his/her hands or touches inside of nose, please immediately have the child return to the bathroom to wash hands again. 
  • As each family arrives in the morning, please remember to follow our handwashing routine including adults and siblings entering into our classroom. 
  • We would like to see more adults in the bathroom at the sinks helping children with the handwashing procedures as this is a wonderful "teaching moment."  We are teaching the children to turn off the faucet with one paper towel and sincerely appreciate the families efforts in helping to see that this occurs each morning.
Here is our handwashing routine with the children:
  • Child turns on water to get hands wet
  • Child turns off water to conserve water and to keep from immediately rinsing off soap
  • Child puts one squirt of soap on hands.
  • Child sings ABC song or counts to 20 while thoroughly washing hands including between fingers, wrists, tops of hands and palms
  • Child turns water back on and rinses off soap.
  • Child turns off faucet with one paper towel as the faucet is a place that tends to harbor lots of germs
  • Child can take 1-2 paper towels to dry hands.

Mandated Reporting (Child Abuse)