Community Education Forms


Forms for Students

Agreement and Release of Liability Form
If 18 years old or older fill out and sign
If under 18 years fill out both parts at the bottom - student information and parent/guardian information and signature

Swim Lessons Agreement and Release of Liability Form

Please fill out this form for Summer Swim Lessons.  If student is a minor, parent needs to fill out the form and sign for minor student.  Fill out both pages, sign, bring to first swim class and give to Swim Coordinator. 

Minor Consent Form
For students between the ages of 14 and 17 who want to take an adult class. There is an information letter and also 2 forms - Minor Consent Form required by our District and also a Student Conduct Form. The parent/guardian MUST contact Community Education to request approval prior to enrolling a minor in an adult class. The parent/guardian and student should review the Student Conduct Form and sign. This form is necessary in case there is a discipline/behavior problem with the minor.

MJC Camps for Kids Summer Packet

This is the MJC Community Education Summer Camps Packet that needs to be filled out for each child enrolled.  If your child(ren) is enrolled in more than one camp, you need only fill out one packet per child.  The Camp Information and Maps included in the packet do not need to be returned.  This is information for you to keep.  The following forms need to be filled out, signed, and brought to camp the first day:

  1. Camper Conduct Form
  2. Emergency Information/Consent Form (Since camp includes snacks and may include cooking, be sure to include ALL food allergies or restrictions.  Submit forms early to allow camp staff to accommodate your child(ren).

To apply for the Suzuki Piano program - fill out form and mail it to the contact person on the form. You will be contacted by the Suzuki Piano Coordinator.

Walk-in Registration
If you have not registered for a class and want to "walk-in" and see if the instructor has room to let you in, you can fill out this form. There is an additional $5 registration fee if you register in this manner. You will need to give the instructor a check made payable to MJC or a credit card number on the form. NO CASH.


Forms for Instructors

Instructor General Information and Pay Rate
Learn about what it takes to be an instructor for MJC Community Education.

Course Proposal Outline
Are you interested in teaching for MJC Community Education? Please print the Course Proposal Outline.

Fill it out and mail to: Angela Vizcarra or Rita Perez, MJC Community Education, 435 College Avenue, Modesto, CA 95350

Application Page
If you are proposing a class to be taught through MJC Community Education, we would like to have you fill out the first page of our application packet. That way we will have all of your contact information. If you are hired, we will give you the entire packet to fill out.