Become a Community Education Instructor

1. Don't Waste Any Time
Remember, in order to consider a class for our schedule, we must plan ahead. The deadlines to have your course proposals in for review are listed below:

Deadline for course paperwork: September 15th
Classes held January thru May


Deadline for course paperwork: February 15th
Classes held June thru August

Deadline for course paperwork: May 15th
Classes held September thru December

As you can see we plan our classes far in advance of the actual class dates. Plan Ahead! If we do not have your course proposal in by the deadline we will consider it for the next term available.

2. Print the 3 PDF files listed below.
Read the General Information for Teaching Community Education (CE) Offerings Form about teaching a class. This will help you get an idea of what teaching for Community Education (CE) is like. If you are still interested in teaching for us, print out the One Page Application Form and the Course Proposal Form.                                                    

General Information for Teaching Community Education (CE) Offerings

One Page Application Form

Class Proposal Form

3. Plan ahead and think about the following:

  •  Decide which class(es) you would like to teach.
  •  Think about the age of the students for your class. This is especially important if you are teaching children.
  •  Decide what you would like the student learning outcomes for the class to be (i.e. what information they will learn, what they will learn to do, what project they would complete, etc.)
  •  Plan the number of times the class would need to meet (sessions) to meet your desired outcomes for your students. Do not plan a class that will need too many sessions. It is hard to get students to commit to a long-term class and the more sessions your class meets, the higher the fee we need to charge for the class. You might be able to break a long class into beginning/intermediate or a I/II classes. (If in doubt, put what you think would be required and then when you come in for an interview, our staff can help you come up with a good class length)
  •  Decide how many hours each class session will be. Remember the more sessions and hours the class meets, the more we must charge for the class. If the class time is too long, then the fees for the class might be too high to get enough enrollment for the class to be held. You might be able to break a long class into a Beginning and Intermediate or list a I and II to help keep the number of sessions and hours down per class.
  • Look at your schedule and decide what days of the week would be best for you to teach your class, for example, Saturday classes, or Wednesday evenings. When you meet with our Community Education Specialist, it would be good to know the days and times you would be available to teach.
  • If you are proposing a craft or hands-on class, be prepared to bring a sample of the item that will be made to the interview with our office staff. If the actual sample is not practical to bring in, bring pictures of the project that the students would be completing.
  • If duplicating books or handouts are required, please bring a sample copy to your interview.  If a material fee is required, please bring either a detailed description of the materials provided for the fee or actual samples.
  • What is the maximum number of students you could teach (be reasonable)? What is the minimum number of students?

4. Fill out the Forms and Return

  • Print out the above .PDF files and fill them out.
  • We receive several course proposals each semester. Some proposals are incomplete and even though the course may sound interesting, we may not have to time to try to figure out what you might have meant in the spaces that were left blank. If you aren't sure about some of the questions, make a note of that on the sheet, or try your best to answer them. We understand that you are probably not familiar with the location/rooms available for Community Education classes, but try to answer to the best of your ability.
  • Return both the Class Proposal Form and the One Page Application Form to MJC Community Education, Community Education Specialist, 435 College Avenue, Modesto, CA 95350. You can also include a resume, cover letter, pictures, and any other information that might intrigue us into wanting to know more about your proposed class.
  • Follow up with an email to, or call 209.575.6063.