MJC Sociology Department Mission and Structure

The Sociology faculty is committed to providing an educational experience that demonstrates, for students, how to use sociological thinking as a valued unit of analysis in approaching problem solving in their personal, community, national and global lives. The faculty also wishes to assist students in optimizing their academic and career goals through the application of sociological tools and sensitivities.

Coursework in the Department of Sociology at Modesto Junior College assists students in fulfilling general educational requirements for an Associates Degree and for transferability to many four year institutions of higher learning primarily within the state of California.

There are no prerequisites for any of the course offerings in Sociology. A student may enter any Sociology course in no particular sequence although it is recommended students start with Sociology 101: Introduction to Sociology. This foundational course allows students to develop an overview of the basic conceptual building blocks of the field and familiarity with the language of Sociology which enhances their ability to master material in the other, more specialized courses.

Currently, the Sociology Department does not offer a major in the field. Modesto Junior College offers an Associates Degree in Behavioral Sciences. Coursework in the Sociology Department can be used to fulfill certain of the major requirements for that degree. 


Sociology Full-Time Faculty:

Melanie Berru
(209) 575-6124
Founders Hall 160 G

Kurt Olson
(209) 575-6467
Center for Advanced Technologies 252

Bobby Hutchison
(209) 575-6121
Founders Hall 160E