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Modesto Junior College

Office Administration Center

The Office Administration Center (OAC) is located in Founders Hall 131. The OAC is a unique educational environment on campus that offers Office Administration (OFADM) courses that can be added throughout the semester and finished before the semester ends. The short, carefully prepared courses are designed in an individualized, hands-on format. 

OAC Orientation Information

Typically, the first week of courses is set aside for group OAC orientations. All new and returning students are required to attend one of our 90-minute, course-specific orientations. Orientations are for students taking OFADM courses that are held in the OAC.  Orientations are designed to provide you with

  • Information that will help you successfully navigate the OAC
  • A timeline to effectively complete your OFADM coursework before the semester ends
  • An opportunity to ask any questions you may have about taking courses in the OAC
Before the Semester Begins . . .
  • Complete the MJC Application for Admission
  • Register for classes (check your MJC PiratesNet account for date and time)
First Week of Courses . . .
  • Attend a group orientation in the OAC 

Click here for orientation detailsin short, choose your OFADM keyboarding course number below; if you are not taking a keyboarding course, then you will need to attend a date and time that corresponds with a yellow box.

 Orientation Schedule

Anytime After the First Week . . .
  • Go to the OAC
  • Ask for an individual orientation and Add Card
  • We will guide you through the rest! 

OAC Courses

Our courses provide skills that are beneficial in various capacities, including as a student and as an employee. Our courses are considered open entry/open exit-- 

  • Open Entry means you can add a course well after the semester has started, i.e. LATE ADDS ACCEPTED.
  • Open Exit means as soon as you complete all the assignments for the course you will receive a grade and no longer need to attend class. Each course can be completed as rapidly as your capabilities and/or commitments allow.

To see a listing of courses and course descriptions click here.

Textbooks and Supplies

You will need to purchase the appropriate textbook before starting a course in the OAC. Make sure not to remove the shrink-wrap of your textbook until you talk to us at the OAC orientation. Also, depending on the course you choose, you may be required to purchase a Scantron for testing and a flash drive for coursework. A textbook/supply list will be given to you during the OAC orientation.  It is not necessary to purchase anything before the orientation. 

NOTE: All required supplies are available for purchase at the MJC bookstore located in the student center on the East campus.  

Scheduling Your Work

The OAC is open many hours each week, this includes evening hours--see left side bar for all OAC hours. Our hours are meant to provide ample flexibility for your scheduling purposes. You are welcome to work on your OFADM courses in the center anytime during open hours—no appointment is necessary.

Office Administration

Office Administration
Center Hours (FH 131)

•Fall and Spring•

9 a.m.-8 p.m.
9 a.m.-2 p.m.
9 a.m.-1 p.m.


9 a.m.-7 p.m.