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The History Department offers a wide range of transfer-level survey courses designed to teach historical understanding and critical thinking.  These surveys include our United States history surveys (History 101 and 102) and our world and western civilizations surveys (History 106 and 107, and History 104 and 105).  In addition, we offer a variety of courses that focus on specific people, places or time periods that reflect the specialties of our faculty.  These include courses in American history that explore the history of African-Americans, women, the American West, California and the history of modern America.  In world history, courses focus on areas such as the history of Mexico and Latin America.  Students planning to pursue a degree in history are encouraged to contact faculty in the history department for course advising.

Full-Time Faculty:

Eileen Kerr
(209) 575-6134
Founders Hall 120 L

H. Curtis Martin
(209) 575-6264
Founders Hall 160 F

Eva Mo
(209) 575-6105
Founders Hall 120 M

Dr. William Newell
(209) 575-6661
Founders Hall 120 F

Al Smith
(209) 575-6153
Founders Hall 120 E

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