Eligibility & Requirements

Program eligibility requirements include:

  • Possession of an associate degree
  • Graduate of a CoARC accredited Respiratory Care Program
  • Possession of a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) credential
  • Possession of a valid California Respiratory Care Practitioner (RCP) license
  • Minimum of the 39 required CSU-GE Transfer Pattern units (CSU-GE Certification)

Please complete the CSU-GE Certification Worksheet and upload it with your application.  This form will help you determine if you meet the 39 CSU-GE transferrable unit requirement for the program.  If you are transferring from another college, please check your college's CSU-GE transfer pattern.  If you are selected through the lottery for entrance into the respiratory care bachelor degree program, you will need to provide the following documentation:

  • Official transcripts
  • Official CSU-GE certification

Degree Requirements: To receive a bachelor of Science degree in Respiratory Care, students are required to complete a minimum of 120 units including 39 lower division CSU-Ge transfer courses and 40 units of upper division coursework in respiratory care.

Access the MJC CSU-GE Transfer Pattern to clarify CSU transfer requirements.

A statistics course (Math 134 or SOCIO 105 or equivalent) is required for acceptance into the program.

Unit requirements for this program are outlined below:

Lower Division

Associate Degree in Respiratory Care 43.5 units
Completion of lower division coursework that leads to a Co-ARC accredited Associate’s Degree Program in Respiratory Care
General Education (CSU-GE) 39 units
AREA A: English Language Communication and Critical Thinking 9 units
AREA B: Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning 9 units
AREA C: Arts and Humanities 9 units
AREA D: Social Sciences 9 units
AREA E: Lifelong Understanding and Self-Development 3 units
NOTE: General education coursework completed at another institution may need CSU-GE certification from that institution.

Upper Division

Respiratory Care Major Coursework 40 units
RSCR 405: Healthcare Leadership and Operations Management I 3
RSCR 406: Healthcare Leadership and Operations Management II 3
RSCR 410:Critical Review of Healthcare Research 3
RSCR 415: Disease Management and Healthcare Promotion 4
RSCR 416: Education and Teaching Strategies for Health Care Professionals 3
RSCR 420: Advanced Pharmacology and Critical Care 3
RSCR 421: Advanced Neonatal and Pediatric Critical Care 3
RSCR 425: Pulmonary Diagnostics, Rehabilitation and Sleep 3
RSCR 430: Capstone Research 3
General Education  
PSYCH 400: Psychology of Stress, Illness, and Death 3
SOCIO 400: Medical Sociology: Health and Diversity 3
PHILO 400: Medical and Bioethics 3
COMM 400: Organizational Behavior 3
Total Degree Units 122.5
Additional Electives: If needed to meet the 120 unit graduation requirement