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Modesto Junior College


Program Description

Our comprehensive Art Program offers several areas of concentration: art history, ceramics, computer graphics, drawing, design, sculpture, water color painting, oil painting, and photography.  The program is designed to include pre-professional and professional courses, personal enrichment in specific art areas, and classes for students who plan an art-related career.

Art courses help students develop a capacity for visual analysis and the ability to solve problems in new and creative ways.

Eric Greenberg 2012
Painting by Eric Greenberg,
MJC 2012
Gayle Knize 2013
Painting by Gayle Knize
MJC 2013
Pamela Phillips 2009
Painting by Pamela Phillips,
MJC 2009
Noemi Guzman 2012
Painting by Noemi Guzman
MJC 2012
Jasmine Rosario 2013
Painting by Jasmine Rosario,
MJC 2013
Christopher Silveria 2013
Drawing by Christopher Silveria
MJC 2013

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Degrees and Awards

Associate in Arts for Transfer:  Art History
Associate in Arts for Transfer:  Studio Arts
Associate in Arts:  Art
Associate in Arts:  Photography


Meet the Faulty

Art & Photography (Full-Time Faculty)

Deborah Barr                                                 Paul Berger   

Prof. Deborah Barr                                                                            Prof. Paul Berger                                                          
ART 124                                                                                              ART 122                                               
209.575.6075                                                                                      209.575.6732                                                                         
Deborah's Website                                                                              Ceramics and Art Appreciation
Painting, Murals, Art Appreciation, 
Color and 2-D Foundation Design    

Stephanie Jacobs                                      Chelsea Gilmore

Shaila Christofferson                                                                      Chelsea Gilmore
ART 123                                                                                            ART 121 
209.575.6074                                                                                    209.575.6097                                                        
Sculpture                                                                                          Art History, Drawing, Art Appreciation, MJC Gallery Director                                                                 


   Haleh Niazmand                                           Rob Stevenson                                          
Prof. Haleh Niazmand
Rob Stevenson                                                        
ART 125                                                                                            ART 120                                     
209.575.6126                                                                                    209.575.6801                                                              
Drawing, Computer Graphics and Art Appreciation                          Drawing, Art History, Humanities


Noah Wilson

Prof. Noah Wilson
Ansel Adams 205F
Basic, Color and Digital Photography


Art (Adjunct Instructor)

Tricia Cooper, Appreciation of Art and Art History 

Brad Craw, Drawing

Chau Marie Griffiths, Appreciation of Art, History of Photography, Black & White Photography, Digital Photography

Carson Grubaugh, Drawing

Terry Hartman, Appreciation of Art

Sean Healy, Basic and Digital Photography

Randy Kirksey, Drawing

Todd McClintock, Drawing

Linda Salmon, Drawing, Color & 2-D Design

Tinna Savini, Drawing

Jay Scantling, Drawing

Mary Scheinuck, Appreciation of Art

Arts, Humanities & Communications Division

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