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Student Petitions

Click here for Student Petition Guidelines

Petition Process: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a student petition?
Students are given an opportunity to request action that is permitted by California state law, YCCD district policy or college practices and procedures. A student may file a petition with MJC requesting consideration for certain academic issues.  Issues that relate to missed deadlines such as: Refund, drop, pass/no pass and graduation requirements are not petitionable.  

What types of petitions are there?  Please click on each link to the form and it will provide you with more detailed information regarding that specific petition.

  1. Course Repeat Petition
  2. General Student Petition
  3. Grade Correction Petition

What is NOT petitionable?
Issues that relate to missed deadlines and graduation requirements are not petitionable. 

Is there a deadline to petition?
YES!  Deadline dates can be reviewed on each specific petition form and may vary according to policy.

Who reviews my petition?
Your petition will be reviewed by the Director of Admissions & Records.  In some cases, your petition may be recommended for review by the Petitions Committee.  

What if my petition is denied? 
If your petition is denied, you must appeal within 30 days of the date you received your denial email.  Appeals are reviewed by the Dean of Enrollment Services. Appeal forms are available in your denial email that was sent to your MJC student email account.

When & how will I be notified of a decision?
MJC will usually provide a decision to our students within 30 business days, unless further review is necessary or documentation is pending.  If a petition is being recommended for review by the Petitions Committee, the student will be notified that a decision may take up to 30-45 business days.  All decision communication is sent to your MJC student email account.

Where do I submit my petition?
All petitions, with the exception of the Grade Correction, must be submitted to the Enrollment Services Office on East Campus to Brigitte James.  Grade Correction petitions are submitted directly to the Division for Instructor and Dean signatures and once completed, will be forwarded to Brigitte in Enrollment Services.


Please read!  Other important information regarding the petition process.

Be sure to read each petition form for documentation requirements.  Failure to provide necessary documentation may result in a denial of your petition.

Remember, missed deadlines are not a valid reason to submit a petition.  Click here to view how to read deadline dates on your class schedule.

Questions or concerns regarding petitions?  Please contact our Admissions & Records Specialist, Arianna Kennedy at 209-575-6535 or by email.

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