Are you on a Waitlist?

Once a course has reached maximum capacity, students may add to the waitlist. Students may not waitlist or register for more than one section of the same course. 

Once the student is on a waitlist he or she will be notified of an opening in the course through their student email. Once the email notification is generated the student has 5 calendar days to register for the course or they will be dropped from the waitlist.

If a student is still waitlisted at the start of the term, the student must attend the course on the first meeting day. If a space becomes available in the course the instructor will provide the student with the course access code. For online courses students must request an E-Add Card via PiratesNet on the first day of the term. Only students that meet eligibility requirements may attend. 

Instructors will advise students regarding their chances of being added to the class and whether or not waitlist students should return to subsequent class meetings.

What to do if you're waitlisted for an online course
  1. On the first day of the semester, submit an Electronic Add Card through PiratesNet . Select  "Current Students", Log-in, and select "E-Add Card Request (Online Courses)" under the registration category.
  2. When you've submitted the card, the instructor will e-mail you to notify you if you have been accepted into the course. Then add the course through PiratesNet to officially register for the class. 

Important notes:
*If you put your name on a waitlist while the prerequisite class is in progress, and after that time, you earned a D, F, or No Pass, you will not be permitted to add the class.
** If you get the message "waitlist full" it means the maximum amount of students that can add to the waitlist has been met. You will need to attend the first class meeting and request a access code. If the instructor grants you an access code follow these steps to add the course online or in person.