Priority Registration

Priority registration is intended to provide students with disabilities the opportunity to register in such a manner, and time, that accommodations and scheduling can be designed to fit their unique needs. The following procedures are intended to clarify situations under which a student will receive priority registration.

To receive priority registration a student must:

1.  The student is responsible for requesting it each semester during advising appointments with the DSPS counselor.

2.  Be eligible for Disability Services at Modesto Junior College and have a verified disability.

3.  Be making measurable academic progress toward the goals established in the Notification of Authorized Services (NAS) or, when the student is enrolled in a regular college course, meet the academic standards established by the college.

Students need to maintain the following:

1.  At least a 2.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA).
2.  Not have earned more than 90 units.

Students that may have extenuating circumstances can meet with the DSPS counselor and/or the Dean of Student Services to have their file reviewed and be considered for future priority registration.

4.  Have and follow a NAS developed in conjunction with the disability services counselor. Failure to follow the NAS may result in the loss of priority registration and discontinuance of services through the Disability Services Center.

5.  Register by Internet (PiratesNet). Students whose disability makes it difficult for them to register for themselves (for example: deaf and hard of hearing, cognitive difficulties, physical limitations) may request registration to be done by Program Technicians during their advising appointment.

6.  Priority Registration will follow basic guidelines established by the Admissions & Records Office (e.g. deadlines, application guidelines, use of telephone registration, tuition and fee payments, California College Promise, and/or authorizations from the Department of Rehabilitation).


If a student makes an appointment for advising and registration but misses the appointment without notifying the Disability Services Center, the student may lose their priority registration status for term in which they wish to enroll.