DSPS Mission Statement

DSPS Resource Center, West Campus

West Campus Resource Center
Yosemite Hall, Room 145A

The mission of the Disability Services & Programs for Students (DSPS) at Modesto Junior College is to provide students with disabilities access to postsecondary education through supportive services and/or instruction as well as promote better understanding of the needs of individuals with disabilities. “The DSPS Program provides support services, specialized instruction and educational accommodations to students with disabilities so they can participate as fully and benefit as equitably from the college experience, as their non-disabled peers” (Chancellor’s Office for Community Colleges DSPS Home page mission statement).

Service Area Outcomes (SAO)
1. DSPS students will understand the accommodations and services available for them.

Support Service Learning Outcomes (SSLO)
1. DSPS students will be able to identify and utilize effective accommodations, including technology, to complete their goals.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Link to ADA Website
Link to ADA Title II Regulations

California Community Colleges Disabled Student Programs and Services

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