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Modesto Junior College

How Do I Get Started?

In order to get you started in your search for a personalized global experience, we need to know a little more about you! 

Please take a moment to fill out a questionnaire below that best fits your needs.  Each questionnaire has been designed for you whether your plans include work, travel or study.  Upon completion, return the questionnaire to the Learning Abroad Library in the Morris Building, MJC East Campus.  A Learning Abroad Library assistant will use this questionnaire to find programs that meet your needs.  For current semester hours, or more information, contact us at (209) 575-6463/ (209) 575-6012. 


Study Abroad 

If you are interested in expanding your academic knowledge in another country and in a different environment then you may consider Studying Abroad. Endless opportunities wait for students who choose to study abroad, since they not only have the chance to interact with other cultures, but they also acquire extended knowledge on their academic fields by expanding their views at a global level, thus, increasing their opportunities for employment.

Work/Travel/Intern Abroad

If you are interested in developing your working skills outside your country and gaining new ones then Working Abroad would be right for you. When you work abroad you not only get experience in the work field internationally, but you also get the chance to travel as you work, to meet other people and other cultures while accumulating valuable working experience. You can also get working abroad experience by doing internships or volunteering.

Travel Abroad 

If you are mainly interested in visiting other countries, making new friends and interacting with other cultures as well as learning their ways of living and experiencing them, then traveling may be the right option for you. Your vision will become broader and you will be able to see things in a different way than before. Getting to know and experience new perspectives of the world is worth doing and you can find your own by traveling.


Check out the Learning Abroad Library Facebook Page for daily inspiration, information, and internationalization.




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