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Modesto Junior College

Transfer Admission Guarantee

Modesto Junior College (MJC) provides students with opportunities to obtain transfer admission guarantees to the following University of California and Private University campuses:

University of California at Davis
University of California at Merced
University of California at Irvine
University of California at Riverside
University of California at Santa Barbara 
University of California at Santa Cruz

For more information on all UC TAG requirements visit:

TAG Matrix

UC TAG Workshop Flyer (pdf)

TAG Flyer (pdf)

Brandman University

University of the Pacific TAA (Transfer Admission Agreements)

What is a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)?

The Transfer Admission Guarantee Program offers guaranteed admission to qualified junior-level transfers. A TAG serves as a contract that guarantees your admission to a specific campus upon completion of your 60 units, major preparation and general education courses.  Only one TAG per UC campus accepted.

Transfer admission guarantee programs typically require a student to complete a minimum of 30 transferable units by the end of summer one year prior to transfer. Admission guarantees are only available for upper division transfers and must be submitted online September 1 - September 30, it is recommended that students meet with a counselor the fall prior to transfer. The agreement lists the courses that the student will complete at Modesto Junior College, with emphasis on courses required for admission, major prerequisites and breadth requirements. For example, students planning to transfer in Fall of 2019, must prepare and submit an agreement during the month of September 2018. Students with a transfer admission guarantee will be required to complete the 60 transferable units by end of spring prior to transfer.

Grade Point Average (GPA) requirements, deadline dates, and major availability vary by campus. Students should check with the MJC Transfer Center or any MJC counselor for campus-specific requirements. Students interested in preparing any type of transfer admission guarantee should make an appointment to meet with an MJC counselor.

After completing the TAG, the student must comply with all requirements and must APPLY during the priority application filing period in order to be guaranteed admission.

For additional information, please call the MJC Transfer Center (209) 575-6239 or the MJC Counseling Office (209) 575-6080.

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