Transfer Center Online Communications

Welcome to the Transfer Center online communications page. Please refer to this page for the time being, as our physical office is closed and we will be unable to assist you there. For transfer assistance, please refer to the Transfer Assistance section below.


Leticia Cavazos

Out for the summer semester. She will return in August.

KaoLee Xiong
Warriors on the Way

Pursuing an AA-T or AS-T and interested in transferring to Stanislaus State? Schedule an appointment to meet our WOW admissions advisor to learn more about the program and get advising support with your transfer process!
Appointments will be held either via Zoom or over the phone. To schedule an appointment , please email and include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your w#
  • Your major

She will reach out to you within 72-hours with dates and times.

Amandip Singh
UC Merced

Have questions about transferring to UC Merced? Click the link below to schedule an appointment with me!

UC Merced Representative Appointments

Cheryl Turrise
UC Irvine

Have questions about transferring to UC Irvine? Email me at with the information below and we'll set up a meeting! I would prefer to speak with you via a phone appointment, but will try to answer your questions via email as well.

  • Your name
  • Your preferred contact email
  • Your preferred contact phone number
  • Your preferred meeting date and time
College Reps

Appointments will be held either via Zoom or over the phone. To schedule an appointment with a college rep, please email and include the following: 

  • Your name
  • Your w#
  • Your major
  • The college rep you'd like to meet with

We will reach out to you within 72-hours with dates and times.

Please note that only the following reps will be able to meet with students at this time:

  • Stanislaus State
  • Grand Canyon University
  • University of the Pacific
  • UC Santa Cruz
  • Cal State East Bay
  • UC Merced (see above link)
  • UC Irvine (see above email)

If you would like, you can also email your questions directly to the following college reps:

Amandip Singh, UC Merced

DeAnna Ramos, Stanislaus State

Gabriel Eagle, Grand Canyon University

Steve Hamer, University of the Pacific

Lisa Overstreet, UC Santa Cruz

Kumar Krishan, Cal State East Bay


If you need to send official MJC transcripts to your chosen school, follow the link below:

Transcript Requests

Video Guide for Ordering Transcripts

Follow the directions on the transcript request page and please note that in-person pick-ups are not available at this time.

Student Resources

For more information on how to use Canvas and Zoom, click here:

Continuity Resources for Students

For more information on transferable coursework, click here:


Message from Cal State Apply

The entire California State University system is taking all the necessary steps to mitigate the disruptions caused by COVID-19 while ensuring the health and safety for our students, faculty, staff and communities.

Please be assured that all CSU campuses are prepared to be as flexible as possible when working with fall 2020 applicants on meeting admission requirements and selection. This flexibility will vary by campus and potentially by major applied due to impaction. Although there has been disruption, as campuses transition to some or all staff working remotely, processing of applications and communications is still taking place. We would encourage fall 2020 applicants to continue to check their email and campus portals regularly.

If students have specific questions, they can contact campuses via email. Campus contact information can be found at: 

Cal State Apply - Contact a Campus

We would encourage applicants to contact campuses via email and be patient while awaiting a response.

Thank you,
Cal State Apply


Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

The Warrior on the Way (WOW) and the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship program would like to extend an invitation to all future math and science teachers! Come find out how the WOW program can help facilitate a smooth and successful transfer from your community college to Stanislaus State. RSVP required! Click the link above for more information!

WOW Program Information Workshop

If you are interested in transferring to Stanislaus State with an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT), the WOW Program will help you obtain this goal. Come learn about WOW benefits, services, and program eligibility. You will also be able to book an appointment to meet with the WOW admissions advisor to discuss the transfer process to Stanislaus State. Come join us! RSVP required! Zoom Info Workshop July 13th from 11am to noon.  Click the link above for more information!