General Education for Transferring Students


Most students arrive at the community college with the understanding that "General Education" is an important part of the course requirements that they must complete to transfer to a university. The links below connect you to guides that will show you how General Education courses are grouped together in "patterns" and which MJC courses can be used to fulfill an entire pattern for the California State University (CSU), the University of California (UC), and some independent (private) colleges in California. General Education requirements to transfer to other California independent institutions and out-of-state colleges and universities vary, and you should meet with a MJC counselor to learn about them.

Transferable Courses

Transferable courses are those MJC courses that will apply toward baccalaureate credit at the institution to which you plan to transfer. For CSU, all courses numbered 100-299 are considered transferable, while UC accepts some - but not all- 100-299 courses. For more information on transferring and which MJC courses are UC or CSU transferable meet with an MJC counselor and visit CSU and UC will accept a maximum of 70 transferable units completed prior to transfer.