Tuition and Fees

Pay on My Account

First Login to PiratesNet - then choose Current Student - Under "Financial Information" click on "Pay on My Account"

Step 9: Pay Fees

Questions and Answers

You will be prompted to pay your fees when registration is complete. If you choose to pay by credit card using PiratesNet, an email address is required. You may choose to pay fees by cash, check or credit card in the Business Office. Please note: If a credit card transaction is reversed, resulting in a chargeback to the College, the original charge, along with a $25 fee will be assessed to the student's account. You may also mail a check to the MJC Business Office at 435 College Ave., Modesto, CA, 95350. Checks must be made payable to MJC and include the student’s “W” ID number.

Checks returned for insufficient funds, written for the incorrect amount, or received after the due date, may be considered as non-payment. Students will be charged $25 for NSF, and will lose check writing privileges at the college.

MJC Fees

NOTE: Fees are subject to change by action of the California State Legislature.

Enrollment Fee-Cost per unit (California resident) $46
Additional Cost per unit (non-CA resident) 
     Effective Summer 2020
BA Enrollment Fee-Additional Cost per unit for
upper division baccalaureate degree courses  
Health Fee (per semester, Fall & Spring) 
Health Fee (per semester, Summer) $17
Student Center Fee (per unit)  $1*
Student Representation Fee (per semester)
    Effective Spring 2020
Activity Fee (per semester)
Parking Permit (per semester, Fall & Spring)
Parking Permit (per semester, Summer)
*Not to exceed $10 per academic year

**Optional Fees

The college will waive the enrollment fee of all junior high and high school students who enroll as special part-time students. There are no such provisions for special full-time students (11.5+ units). Students are responsible to pay all other related fees, including non-CA resident tuition (if applicable).

Please Note: You will be responsible for ALL TUITION and FEES for classes for which you register. Failure to attend classes will not release you from this financial obligation to the College. Students are responsible for dropping classes. For important drop deadline dates please refer to the class schedule calendar. Failure to pay all fees could result in your account being sent to collections.

Breakdown of Tuition and Fees