We are dedicated to building a culture of innovation through external funding. We offer faculty and staff training in the development of grant-funded project proposals; align grant opportunities with college priorities; and provide templates, best practices and proposal-writing support to MJC project developers.


Proposal Development

  • Research potential grants for project
  • Ensure alignment with MJC mission and priorities
  • Research effective practices and evidence
  • Help identify community partners
  • Ensure approval forms and administrative support are in place
  • Assist with proposal writing and submission
Compression Planning

Compression Planning (CP) is a tool to help plan grants, strategic plans, and other major initiatives in less than 1/3 of the time conventional planning methods take. We can help you gather input from multiple stakeholders and organize a workable plan in one or two meetings.

  • 4-hour compressed design meetings
  • Detailed outline of priorities, activities, responsibilities, and timeline
  • Everyone leaves knowing what was decided 
  • Leverage collaborative time to make better decisions, quicker
Grant Writing Training (for MJC Faculty and Administrators)

Learn how to write a grant from project design to submission in an 8-week in-depth training workshop:

  • Documenting the Need
  • Developing Objectives
  • Designing a work plan
  • Building a budget
  • Establishing measurable outcomes
  • Grant Training Outline


Grants Development Staff