Certified Phlebotomy Technician 1 Program

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California Adult Education
The Spring 2021 Phlebotomy Program is tentatively scheduled to begin in January 2021.  Please check our website periodically to RSVP for the Mandatory Meeting.  The online registration will open in October 2020


About Our Program:

We strive to give students a strong foundation in the principles of phlebotomy and prepare students to successfully pass a National Phlebotomy Certification Examination through:

  • 60 hours of classroom instruction 
  • 40 hours of externship: Practical Instruction in a Clinical Setting. Students are scheduled Monday-Friday for an 8-hour workday. During this time students must complete a minimum of 50 successful venipunctures, with a stretch goal of 100 or more. Ten skin punctures two arterial (observed) blood draws are completed in class.

This program is designed to be completed in approx. 3-4 months 

Not required but recommended for success:

  • AP 50 - Elementary Human Anatomy - Physiology (4 Units)
  • BIO 116 - Biology A Human Perspective (3 Units)
  • MDAST 321 - Medical Terminology (3 Units)
  • Online Readiness Quiz-Will help you to determine if this program is the right fit for you. 

Tuition Free - Supported by California Adult Education Program Funds

For more information please contact us at 209.575.7889.

How to Apply?

*Please Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Modesto Junior College will not be offering a Phlebotomy Program in the Fall of 2020. Therefore, the online Mandatory Meeting for June 17th is cancelled. 
  • RSVP for Mandatory Information Meeting
  • Attend a Mandatory Information Meeting
  • Meeting will be conducted via Zoom
  • Download Zoom app to access meeting
  • Zoom Meeting ID# will be emailed to RSVP email addresses
  •  Complete and Submit the Phlebotomy Program Application. 
 **Please note, only the applications from participants who attend and sign in at a mandatory meeting will be accepted.


Important Information and Links 


You must provide documentation with your application that you have met the reading requirement. 

This can be done as follows: 

  1. Previously taken the MJC Reading Accuplacer test and place at Reading 82 (or equivalent) or higher, OR 
  2. Have taken MJC Reading 82 or 184 or higher AND passed with a grade of C or better, OR
  3. Have an AA degree or higher from a U.S. college/university OR 
  4. Take the MJC Guided Self Placement Test for English and receive a score of 4 or higher.  Please click this LINK and follow the instructions. *Please note:  You must have a current MJC student ID # (W#) and MJC email address to take this test.  If you do not have a current MJC student ID # (w#) click this LINK to apply and receive an MJC student ID#.  Once you have received an ID# you will need to activate your MJC email address. 

Information for International Students: 

For information on having transcripts translated and evaluated by an approved entity, contact the MJC Evaluations Office, mjcevaluations@mjc.edu or (209) 575-6605 before applying.

  Susan Anderson, Phlebotomy Program Director                                                                          

Susanne Anderson, RN, MICN, RPT (AMT)
Phlebotomy Program Director


Workforce Development Department
Miriam Medina
Administrative Specialist
209 575-7889


Phlebotomy Program Instructors
Susanne Anderson, RN, MICN, RPT
Minh Beebout, CLS, ASCP, SM, POCT
Judith Borlasa, CPT-1, AA
ASCP Board of Certification (Passing the National Exam):
Click this link:  
Link to the CDPH-LFS Phlebotomy Page - Getting Licensed as a Phlebotomist in California

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