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Modesto Junior College


The Psychology program at Modesto Junior College offers an array of courses reflecting the breadth of the field.  We offer both transfer level and non-transferable courses in order to support a variety of student interests and goals.  Courses such as Psychology of Everyday Life (PSYCH 51) and General Psychology (PSYCH 101) provide an introduction to the facts and theories of psychology and also prepare students for additional coursework in psychology.  Other courses within our program cover topics such as research methodology, neuroscience, social behavior, psychological disorders, human development, and gender and sexuality.  These courses allow students to explore more specialized areas of interest and to prepare for university-level work in the field of Psychology.  Psychology majors are encouraged to take General Psychology (PSYCH 101) and Research Methods (PSYCH 102) in preparation for transfer to a four-year university. 

Full-Time Faculty:

Dr. Lisa Carlstrom
(209) 575-6106
Founders Hall 160 M 

Dr. Shelly Fichtenkort
(209) 575-6898
Founders Hall 160 H 

Rebecca Ganes
(209) 575-6103
Founders Hall 120 B 

Bobby Hutchison
(209) 575-6121
Founders Hall 160 E 

Lee Kooler
(209) 575-6119
Founders Hall 120 A 

Business, Behavioral and Social Sciences

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