Philosophy is the study of the most fundamental issues concerning reality, knowledge, and value, and of the basic concepts, principles, and arguments of the major intellectual disciplines.  Philosophical reflection on fundamental questions of reality, knowledge, and value is an essential element of human culture and a liberal education. The scope of philosophical reflection is thus necessarily broad and varied and includes subfields such as history of philosophy, political philosophy, aesthetics, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, philosophy of  language, philosophy of law, philosophy of religion, bioethics, and environmental ethics. 

The Department of Philosophy is committed to the development of students’ critical and reflective thinking resources as they engage in these questions. We draw upon historical and contemporary texts, individual and common experiences, in our joint engagement with these questions.   

The Department's course offerings transfer to baccalaureate institutions, preparing students for continuing educational success in pursuit of the Philosophy major as well as many other undergraduate, graduate, and professional areas of study, such as law, medicine, management, social work, teaching, science,  and business. 

To these ends, our philosophy program at Modesto Junior College offers a wide variety of courses that cover the following areas: 

  • Reality and Knowledge - Philosophy 101, Introduction to Philosophy; Philosophy 115, Philosophy of Religion;Philosophy 107, Philosophy of Science
  • Logic and Reasoning:  Philosophy 103, Symbolic Logic; Philosophy 105, Critical Reasoning;
  • Philosophy of Value – Philosophy 111, Ethics;Philosophy 113, Aesthetics; Philosophy 130; Political Philosophy; Philosophy 135, Environmental Ethics;Philosophy 140, Philosophy and Film
  • History of Philosophy – Philosophy 120, Ancient;  Philosophy 121, Modern; Philosophy 123, 20th Century 

We offer both regular classes, hybrid, and online courses.

Full-Time Faculty: