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Modesto Junior College

Strategic Direction 4 - Goal 4.3

The College will assure external compliance and accountability requirements are met.

Total Rating 4.0 - Increase



Goal 4.3

MJC is a fully accredited institution

MJC's seven externally accredited programs comply with all external requirements (ACCJC External Accreditation Information)

Institution-Set Standards


Institution-set standards are based on internal tracking to measure the percentage of students who complete courses and programs.  These figures will vary from state reports, which have additional filter criteria and report multiple degrees / certificates separately.




 Set Standard

64.8 %


Institution-set standard for successful student course completion.



Institution-set standard for unduplicated student completion of degrees and certificates combined.



Institution-set standards for the number of unduplicated student completion of degrees, per year.



Institution-set standard for the number of student completion of certificates, per year.7%



Institution-set standard for the number of degree and transfer focused students who transfer each year to 4-year colleges/universities.


  • Unduplicated students are the actual number of students enrolled.
  • Duplicated students include all the courses a student may be enrolled in.  Also termed student enrollment.

Methodology for Developing Institution-Set Standards:

The methodology for developing Institution-Set Standards requires analyzing the last 5 years of College data. Asthe institution-Set Standards are considered a baseline, the lowest of the last 5 years of indicators are recommended to College Council as the new Institution-Set Standard each year.

Rating 4.0 - Increase


Institutional Effectiveness

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Jenni Abbott
Dean, Institutional Effectiveness
Phone: (209) 575-7795

Amanda Cannon
College Research Analyst
Phone: (209) 575-6076

Christian Million
Senior Research Analyst 
Phone: (209) 575-6220

Vianji De la Cruz
Administrative Secretary
Phone: (209) 575-6073


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