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Modesto Junior College

Strategic Plan

Modesto Junior College is deeply committed to success of each student.  MJC is a vibrant, innovative, learning community that serves as an educational resource for the region.  The college has identified Strategic Directions that will guide the college in leveraging the depth and breadth of our institutional capacity to:

  • Establish effective pathways that maximize student access and success
  • Ensure equitable academic outcomes for all students
  • Provide exemplary instruction and support services
  • Lead the region in workforce development
  • Foster an outstanding working and learning environment

These Strategic Directions provide the foundation upon which the college can establish priorities and develop strategies for systemic change.  These systemic change priorities will strengthen our institutional effectiveness and result in an integrated, cohesive approach to student success.

Green Light Rating rounds to
above 3 out of 5
  Increasing Trend Increasing Trend
Yellow Light Rating rounds to
3 out of 5
  Steady Steady Trend
Red Light Rating rounds to
below 3 out of 5
  Declining Trend Declining Trend
3.5 out of 5
Increasing Trend

Strategic Direction 1

Transform lives through programs and services that demonstrate measurable student achievement
3.31 out of 5
Increasing Trend

Strategic Direction 2

Build and sustain an innovative, educational community characterized by collaboration, learning, growth, and diversity
4 out of 5
Increasing Trend

Strategic Direction 3

Offer flexible and responsive programs to meet educational workforce needs measured through program changes, adaptations, and technological upgrades
3.78 out of 5
Increasing Trend

Strategic Direction 4

Serve as stewards of our resources and advance practices to improve and sustain institutional effectiveness in support of accountability

The strength of a plan is in its ability to be measured and guide practices.  To this end, each direction is further defined by goals, with the success of these goals measured and rated on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 serious decline, 5 great progress), which then are averaged to inform the overall success of that direction.  These individual metrics can be explored by clicking the links to the Directions or Goals.  Metrics will change over time, as additional initiatives are launched, new practices explored, and additional consideration is considered.  By bundling measures by themes, we create an overall aggregate for directions, mixing a combination of qualitative and quantitative feedback for each direction.