Student Achievement

To better aid in filling your data needs, collections of reports have been organized by themes and topics.  Use the links on the left to access the topic pages.

  • Enrollment: Headcount, FTES, and enrollment figures, disaggregated by time of day, modality, and ethnicity.
  • Equity:  Selection of reports from all areas with a focus on equity and disproportionately impacted majors.
  • Basic Skills Reporting: Persistence and progress from basic skills to transfer level topics.
  • Course Data: Success and retention rates, with historical and top enrolled courses breakouts.
  • Degrees, Certificates, and Transfer Data: Degrees and Certificates awarded, and transfer data for MJC students.
  • Licensure Rates: Pass rates and Job Placement rates for externally accredited vocational programs.
  • External Sources: Collection of system, state, and federal data sources made available for comparisons, labor markets, and demographics.