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Facilities and Events

To book facilities/events please go to the EMS  website. This online requesting system is for Administrators, Faculty and Staff of the YCCD District. The request must be made online a minimum of two weeks in advance prior to your event date if media equipment or custodial needs are desired. For classroom/event space unsupported by media equipment or custodial need you have a minimum of five days to book the space. Conference Rooms can be booked up to the minute of your event if unsupported by media equipment or custodial needs.

Please note: If your request under the above deadline that matches you event criteria, you will not be able to put your request online through the website. Please go into the website and “browse” to see if the facility you would like to request is even available; then call the Facilities/Events office (575-6271). It will be at the discretion of the Events & Facilities office and time permitting as to whether your request is approved.

If you have put a request through online please allow 3 days for processing and final confirmation by email. Once contracts are completed and sent out to all appropriate personnel, changes can be made up to 72 hours (3 days) prior to the event. Any request for changes can be done online until 5 days prior to your event. Changes under 5 days must go directly to the Facilities office and cannot be done online. After that, no more changes and/or additions can be accommodated.

If any custodial needs or media equipment/ tech is needed (ie: Custodial Needs = tables, chairs or Media Equipment = microphone, P.A. system, computers etc.) please request it at the same time you are doing your online request. If you have any special needs, set up times and/or diagrams please put all of this pertinent information in the request. Please email any diagrams ( or fax them to 575-6793.

If Food services or Security is needed, please also reference this on your online request and then you will need to contact those departments directly to make arrangements for those services. For Food service please call 575-6888 and Security please call 575-6351.

Please note: Contracts/Paperwork (supplied by the facilities office) will be required to gain access to any facilities on East and/or West Campus for evening and weekend use.

If your Division and/or Department has a reoccurring large event (ie: each semester, yearly) you may request it to be booked for the new date needed by emailing your request ( with the Reservation ID# (top right side of the setup worksheet) from your previous event paperwork.

You may “browse” the following buildings online but cannot make requests for the following areas: Auditorium, Little Theater, Recital Hall, Mary Stuart Rogers Student Center and Vehicles. Contact the Events & Facilities office (575-6271) or by email to request any of these areas.

Spec sheets are needed for events held in the Auditorium, Recital Hall, Little Theater and Mary Stuart Rogers Student Center. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE REQUESTING PARTY TO HAVE THE COMPLETED INFORMATION FOR THE SPEC SHEET TO THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE NO LATER THAN 21 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT.

Please contact the following people for completion of spec sheets:

Auditorium & LT – Ty Helton 575-6446 or Kevin Saunders 575-6261

Recital Hall & Mary Stuart Rogers Student Center – Julie Berg 575-6100

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sherri Suarez in the Events & Facilities office.

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