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Modesto Junior College

Expectations for Free Speech Activities

YCCD Board Policy 3900 allows Modesto Junior College to establish institutional regulations and procedures, and in accordance with Board policy, Modesto Junior College has established such regulations and procedures to provide students and community members with the opportunity to exercise their right of expression, while fostering an atmosphere and conditions in which Modesto Junior College's educational mission can be carried out without disruption. Modesto Junior College shall identify appropriate locations on campus to be used as limited public forums as prescribed by YCCD Board Policy.

Limited public forums on Modesto Junior College's campus are "areas generally available to students and the community," defined as grassy areas, walkways, or other similar common areas. This definition governs the phrase "areas generally available to students and the community" as it is used throughout this guideline.


  1. No event, speech, demonstration, activity or other exercise of "Free Speech" on campus shall interfere with or disrupt the educational process or other scheduled activities of the campus or its facilities.

  2. Modesto Junior College recognizes the right of free speech expression, but encourages speakers to be respectful of all people. The following types of expression, as defined by law, are considered unprotected speech, and will not be tolerated: threats, incitement of imminent lawless action, racial and sexual harassment, fighting words, obscenity and defamation.

  3. Cooperation with Modesto Junior College staff is expected when visiting the campus and/or using campus tables, equipment and facilities.

  4. Speakers will comply with college, city, state and federal regulations governing free expression.

  5. Use of free speech areas is permitted every day from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. Speakers who will be using the free speech areas outside normal working hours (Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm) are encouraged to notify the Office of Campus Life and Student Learning to coordinate their event.


Office of Campus Life and Student Learning
Modesto Junior College
435 College Avenue, Modesto, CA 95350
Phone 209 575-6700 Fax 209 575-6143

Groups and speakers are encouraged to give advance notice of their use of campus areas for free expression. If cancellation is necessary, immediate notice shall be given to the Office of Campus Life and Student Learning.

Campus Life & Student Learning

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