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Frequently Asked Questions

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What days are Family Planning Access Care Treatment (Family PACT) available and what kind of services can they provide? 
"Family PACT is California's innovative approach to provide comprehensive family planning services to eligible 
low-income men and women. This clinical program increases access to services by expanding the provider network to include medical providers, pharmacies and laboratories."

The Family PACT nurse is here every Thursday at West Campus Y114 from 10am - 2pm. (Hours may vary, please call ahead of time). For off campus visits, please call Mc Henry Medical Office at 209-558-5312 to schedule an appointment. 

Does MJC offer insurance for students?
No, MJC does not offer insurance to students. You can obtain more information about purchasing insurances on your own by checking out the Affordable Care Act. 

Where can students get STD testing?
You can get STD testing at your local Public Health Department or through Family PACT services with MJC Health Services. Please visit community resources website for further information.

Do students need to make an appointment?
At this time Health Services operates on a drop-in basis only with the exemption of doctor clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays at East Campus and counseling services on Wednesdays at West Campus.

What is a TB Test?
For more information on what is a TB, please refer to the TB Screenings Information.

Why do I need two TB skin tests?
Most medical settings now require the two step TB skin test to ensure a more accurate reading / result.

When can we come back to read the TB?
You must be able to return 48-72 hours after the TB is placed. Please keep in mind our hours of operations for TB readings.

What is the cost of immunizations?
Please refer to the current Fee Schedule.

Can I get all my immunizations/screenings at once?
It will depend on which immunizations you need. The nurse will review your documented immunizations to determine what you need.

Why do I need a MJC student ID card and a current semester sticker?
The student ID card determines whether you are a student at MJC and the semester sticker states that you have paid your health fee. Health Services is not funded by general funds like other departments; we are funded by the health fee only.

Is there a doctor available on campus?
Yes, MJC Health Services is in partnership with the Stanislaus County Residency Program. We have a doctor here every Thursday on East Campus to see students. Students must be seen by a nurse first in order to sign up for a visit with the doctor.

Are any services available to faculty and staff of the college?
Tuberculosis tests (TBs) are available for Free.

Can I call in for my test results?
Due to confidentiality laws, no test results of any kind can be given over the phone. Walk-ins to see the nurses will be necessary for reviewing the results.

Where can I see the requirements for my programs (Health Clearances)?
Please review your academic program health clearance page.

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