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First Year Experience

FYE LogoThe First Year Experience (FYE) Program at Modesto Junior College is an exciting year long program for first time college students who welcome the support and assistance of navigating their college experience. Because MJC truly values students, the focus of the FYE program is to provide first time students with a comprehensive college experience that provides the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources that will foster success during the first year and beyond. Interaction and relationship-building opportunities with faculty, counselors, and peer mentors will facilitate and support the student’s academic, personal, and social transitions to their college environment. Both academic and non-academic active learning activities are designed to assist FYE students in making a successful transition to college in a welcoming and nurturing environment. The major functions of the program include: Counseling, Supplemental Instruction, Peer Mentors, COLSK 100 (Foundation for First Year College Success), and Summer Success Academy 

Summer Success Academy

The Summer Success Academy (SSA) is an FYE component that was created in response to the discontinuation of the Start Smart program. First Year students were selected to participate in this week-long event that took place June 6-9 for four hours daily.   The Summer Success Academy offered the following activities: Orientation, Counseling , Registration, Tours (East & West). 

Support Service Learning Outcomes (SSLOs):

  1. Students will identify what courses are required to complete their degree/certificate objectives.
  2. Students will engage in campus activities/events and service learning.
  3. Students will have an increased knowledge of campus programs and services
  4. Students will connect to MJC as part of their first year college transition

Service Area Outcomes (SAOs):

  1. First Year Experience will develop tools (steps to success) to assist students in navigating their first year of college.


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