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Contact the friendly Admissions Office staff if you have questions about adding or dropping classes, or filing for pass/no pass.

The Assessment Testing Office administers tests to help you select appropriate courses or satisfy pre-requisites.

International students should start by visiting the International Student Program.

Modesto Junior College

Step 4: Complete the Assessment Process

A Little Testing Goes a Long Way.   If you are enrolling in a program that leads to certification, an Associate Degree, university transfer, job skill training, improvement of basic skills, or if you are undecided about your educational goal, you should take assessment tests in math, English/reading or English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL). Please test prior to orientation, advising, and/or registration. Counselors use placement recommendations and your transcripts to suggest appropriate coursework. Assessment tests are offered year-round at the MJC Assessment Testing Center. For more information visit the Assessment Testing Center webpage. Your individual test results can be found by logging into PiratesNet! Test results cannot be provided over the telephone.

On the test day...
* Have an MJC application on file
* Know your student identification number
* Have at least two #2 pencils
* No appointment is necessary
* Arrive early - first come, first served

Important Testing Information    Please test prior to orientation, advising, and/or course registration appointment. If you tested at another California community college, you can send your results to the MJC Enrollment Services Office (at least six weeks prior to registration). If you have completed English, math, or chemistry courses at another college, you must submit an official transcript, at least six weeks prior to registration, to the MJC Enrollment Service Office, as indicated in Step 2.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities can be arranged for any college service if the request is made at least 10 days prior to the service or activity.

MJC Disability Services:
(209) 575-6225
TTY: (209) 575-6863

ADA Coordinator: (when not being served by Disability Services)
(209) 575-6267
TTY: (209) 575-6863

Testing Center

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