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Contact the friendly Admissions Office staff if you have questions about adding or dropping classes, or filing for pass/no pass.

The Assessment Testing Office administers tests to help you select appropriate courses or satisfy pre-requisites.

International students should start by visiting the International Student Program.

Modesto Junior College

Steps to Success

Complete CORE Steps to be eligible for a priority registration appointment. Students who have completed college orientation, assessment, and developed an education plan, as well as continuing students in good academic standing who have not exceeded 100 local academic units, will now have enrollment priority over students that do not meet this criteria.

checkbox Step 1: Apply for Admission

Apply online at Students will receive, via email, their Student ID “w” number within one hour (during business hours) of applying. *Note: High school students must also complete the Petition for Advanced Admission. Students must complete the CORE STEPS below by the college established deadline for priority registration.  See Important Dates for specific semester deadline dates.

checkbox Step 2: College Orientation (CORE STEP)

All students must complete a college orientation to be eligible for priority registration. Please wait a minimum of one hour (during business hours) after submission of your application to complete the online orientation. You must create your password on PiratesNet before completing the Online Orientation and use that password to log in.  See the orientation web site for more information.

checkbox Step 3: Placement Assessment Testing (CORE STEP)

The Assessment test is used to identify your skill level for English or ESL & Mathematics course placement. You must have your Student ID “w” number before your test date. All students must take the Math and English/Reading or ESL assessment test to be eligible for a priority registration appointment. *Note: All California Community College test scores are accepted. Refer to the Testing Center website for test dates and practice tests.

checkbox Step 4: Educational Planning (CORE STEP)

Choose your first semester classes with a Counselor in a Group Advising session. After completing Orientation, and Assessment, contact the Counseling Office to schedule a Group Session at 209-575-6080See the Counseling web site for more information.

checkbox Step 5: Pirates Net & Student Email Account Activation

This step must be completed in order to set up your student accounts.  To begin activation go to PiratesNet, click on "Log In" and enter your 'w' number in the "User ID" field.  Your TEMPORARY password is your six-digit date of birth (mmddyy).  You will then change your password to something you choose.  The new password must be between 6-9 characters in length, including both numbers and letters.  Once you are logged into PiratesNet, you can click on "Current/Former Students", then under the "Communication" heading, click on "Student Email Activation".  You will be presented with a Student Email ID and Temporary Password.  That information must be entered in the Office365 website.  There is a link to that website towards the middle of the "Student Email Activation" page.  *Note: Your temporary password must be copied and pasted, to ensure successful activation.

checkbox Step 6: Official Transcripts

Request to have official transcripts submitted to the Enrollment Services Office as soon as your graduation/final grades have been recorded, Enrollment Services Office, 435 College Ave, Modesto CA 95350.

checkbox Step 7: Apply for Financial Aid

The priority filing period for Financial Aid is January 1 - March 2 of each year. If you miss that period, you may still apply. To apply complete the FAFSA at

checkboxStep 8: Build Your Class Schedule

 Under the Registration heading in PiratesNet, select Register for Classes/Build Class Schedule. You will need to have your class section number ready. Note: The section number is located on the Class Search page.

checkboxStep 9: Registration Date/Time

Registration appointments will be available via your MJC student email and on your PiratesNet, under the "Registration Date and Time" link.  On your assigned registration date and time register online at PiratesNet.

checkbox Step 10: Pay Enrollment Fees

Fees are due at the time of registration. Students may pay fees online at PiratesNet.



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