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Click here to download our Residency informational page and checklist.

California Residence Requirement:

A California resident is defined as one who has established both physical presence and intent to make California their permanent home for more than one year from the Residency Determination Date.

  • Physical presence is defined as continuous physical presence within the State of California, excluding temporary absences.
  • Intent to make California the permanent home is determined based upon acceptable evidence submitted by the student showing intent to make California the student’s permanent home and evidence showing the student is not precluded from establishing permanent residency in the United States.
  • Residency Determination Date is defined as the day immediately preceding the first day of instruction for the semester.

A non-resident student is one who has not resided in the State of California for more than one year and one day immediately preceding the Residency Determination Date as well as a student who is precluded from establishing domicile in the United States. Non-residents still may attend the College subject to non-resident tuition in addition to all other College mandatory fees. Students with visas, which require residency in the country granting the visa, will be required to pay a nonresident tuition fee and the enrollment fee. For the most up to date fees please see the MJC Business Services Office page.

Residency Reclassification

Students who have been classified as non-residents may petition to be reclassified as California residents if their status has changed. The form is available in the Enrollment Services Office and must be submitted IN-PERSON with the appropriate documentation showing both physical presence and intent to make California their permanent home. Reclassification requests must be submitted prior to the start of the semester in which reclassification is requested to be effective. Please see the Residency Consideration Form and the Residency FAQs for more information.

*Note: Undocumented students who have been granted DACA are eligible to pay resident fees after establishing domicile in California for a year and a day prior to the start of the term in which requesting residency reclassification.

Have you attended an out of state college within the last two years? Click here for more information.

AB 540: Exemption from Non-Resident Tuition

Consistent with AB 540, non-resident students who meet all of the following requirements can be exempted from paying non-resident tuition. Students who are exempted from paying non-resident tuition (pursuant to Section 68130.5 and Section 68130.7 of the California Education Code) do not become residents for eligibility purposes for any state-funded program. 


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