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Modesto Junior College

Priority Registration/Enrollment Priorities


MJC Students are awarded priority registration based on criteria set by the California State Legislature and Yosemite Community College District (YCCD) Board Policy and Procedure. This information provides descriptions and details for these criteria. It also provides information on which MJC office to visit if you believe there is an error in the information listed on your report. 

MJC/YCCD Priority Registration Levels

Within each level registration appointments are assigned based on unit completion.

Level 1*

Active Duty Military, Veterans, CalWORKs, eligible and former Foster Youth, EOP&S, and Disability Services

Level 2*

Continuing and new students meeting eligibility and participation requirements for college designated programs

Level 3

Continuing and new students who

  • are Fully matriculated
  • have100 or fewer MJC degree applicable units
  • are in Good standing or on Probation, 1st semester
Level 4
  • New students who are not fully matriculated
  • Concurrently enrolled high school students
Open Registration

All students who do not meet the criteria for levels 1-4 and who completed requirements after the college established deadline.  (See Important Dates for college established deadlines.)

*Students in levels 1 & 2 must also complete the criteria described in level 3.


Students who meet the eligibility criteria and/or participate in specific programs also earn priority registration.

Participants in Mandated/Designated Groups
State Mandated Programs – (Priority Registration Level 1)

The California State Legislature has defined programs or categories of students who will receive the earliest registration appointment. These are:

  • Eligible foster youth or former foster youth
  • Members or former members of the Armed Forces or Military Reserves
  • Students eligible for and actively participating in: CalWORKs, Disability Services, or EOP&S (Extended Opportunities, Programs & Services)
  • If there is an error contact: Please visit this link to find the location and contact information for the appropriate office at MJC
  • Foster Youth please visit: Enrollment Services Office
  • East Campus: Student Services Bldg., 1st floor
  • West Campus: Yosemite Hall, Lobby
  • Phone: (209) 575-6853
College Designated Programs – (Priority Registration Level 2)

Priority registration regulations allow each college or district to designate other programs of categories of students who will receive priority registration. This is established through a college-wide process. These are:

Please visit the list of programs to find the location and contact information for the appropriate program at MJC

  • Students in the Final Semester and First-time students placing in Engl 101 and Math 89 or 90 please visit: Enrollment Services office
  • East Campus: Student Services Bldg, 1st Floor
  • West Campus: Yosemite Hall, Lobby
  • Phone: (209) 575-6853

Core Steps

Registration appointments are assigned after 5:00 pm on the college established deadline. Registration appointments are assigned for the next registration opportunity. If your information changes after the college established deadline, it will affect the next registration appointment for a future semester not the one that has already been assigned.

Fully Matriculated = Completion of all 3 Core Matriculation Steps

Step 1 - Orientation

Students complete an official online or in -person activity that provides new student information such as college programs, policies, resources and next steps.

  • If there is an error contact: Enrollment Services Office
  • East Campus: Student Services Bldg., 1st floor
  • West Campus: Yosemite Hall, Lobby
  • Phone: (209) 575-6853
Step 2 - Assessment/Testing

Students complete the college placement tests for English, Reading, Math and ESL. Some students may have submitted assessment test scores or completed coursework from another college to MJC.

  • If there is an error contact: Testing Center
  • West Campus: Yosemite Hall, 147
  • Phone: (209) 575-7728
Step 3 - Advising: Including an Ed Plan

Students meet with a counselor or advisor and develop a one semester (abbreviated) or a full (comprehensive) Educational Plan. This plan lists courses a student will take for the upcoming semester(s). Please note: if you completed an Ed Plan with a Special Programs Office your Ed Plan may be fi led in that office.

  • If there is an error contact: Counseling Center
  • East Campus: Student Services Bldg., 226
  • Phone: (209) 575-6080


In addition to being fully matriculated, continuing students must also meet these criteria in order to keep their priority registration.

Registration Units

This total includes degree applicable units (courses numbered 50-399) earned at MJC. Priority registration is lost when a student has earned over 100 degree applicable units. 

  • If there is an error contact: Enrollment Services Office
  • East Campus: Student Services Bldg., 1st floor
  • West Campus: Yosemite Hall, Lobby
  • Phone: (209) 575-6853

Students who fall below the minimum GPA and progress requirements are considered to be “not in Good Standing” and are placed on probation and eventually, dismissal status. Priority registration is lost when students have earned a 2nd semester Probation or Dismissal status. Standings are based on the prior semester. Courses in which you are currently enrolled are not factored into the standing until after the semester has ended.

Please visit this link for a full description of Academic Status/Standing at MJC.

  • If there is an error contact: Counseling Center
  • East Campus: Student Services Bldg., 226
  • Phone: (209) 575-6080

Terms to know

College established deadline: This is the date by which students must have completed all core matriculation steps and program requirements to earn a priority registration appointment for the next semester. This is available under “Important Dates.”

Degree applicable: Courses that will count toward an MJC certificate or degree. These courses are numbered 50-399.

Fully matriculated: A student who has completed all three Core Matriculation Services. These include MJC Orientation, Assessment/Testing, and Advising which includes a one-semester or full Educational Plan.

Good Standing: Good standing means that students are meeting minimum academic standards enabling them to make efficient progress towards their educational goal. Students are considered in “Good Standing” when the cumulative Modesto Junior College (MJC) GPA is 2.0 or better and when less than 50% of the overall units attempted have the following grades: “W,” “I,” “NC,” and “NP.” Next registration opportunity: The next semester where registration is not already taking place. For example: Summer 2014 registration appointments have already been sent out to students on March 15, 2014. The next registration appointments are assigned on April 28, 2014 they will not impact summer registration appointments. The system will move forward to the next registration opportunity which is Fall Semester 2014.

Probation: When students are not in Good Standing, they are placed on Probation. Specifically, if a student earns a cumulative MJC GPA below 2.0 the student is placed on Academic Probation. If a student’s cumulative MJC record has 50% or more attempted units completed with marks of “W,” “I,” “NC,” and “NP” the student is placed on Progress Probation. Three consecutive semesters not in Good Standing will lead to Dismissal from MJC.


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