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Waitlist Notification Q & A

Question: What is the Waitlist Notificaiton?

Answer: Waitlist Notification is a new opportunity for MJC College students to enroll in a class that is closed. Students will be selected on a "first-come, first-in" basis from the waitlist. Notification is based on your rank on the waitlist. Being on a waitlist does not guarantee

Question: Is the Waitlist Process Automatic?
Answer: The waitlist option is not automatic; you must place yourself on a

Question: How do I get on a Waitlist?
Answer: The waitlist is accessed through the PiratesNet registration

Question: How will I know when a vacant spot opens in a class?
Answer: If you receive a spot on the waitlist, you will be contacted through your MJC student e-mail address if a seat opens. Activate your student e-mail account now if you have not already done so.

Question: When I receive email notification to register for my waitlisted class, how long do I have to add the class?
Answer: You will have 5 calendar days, including the day the email is sent, to register.

Question: What happens if I do not register for my waitlisted class within 5 calendar?
Answer: You will be dropped from the waitlist for that class and will no longer have permission to register into that class. If this happens you will need to re-add yourself to the waitlist.

Question: How can I check my status on the waitlist?
Answer: You may view your waitlist position on the PiratesNet registration page.

Question: If I don't get an e-mail notification that a vacant spot is open what do I do?
Answer: If you do not get an e-mail notification that a vacant spot in the class is available you need to go to the first class meeting and request an add card from the instructor.

Question: If I am on a waitlist but never receive an email notification of an open seat what do I do on the first day of class?
Answer: Attend the first class meeting and ask the instructor for an add card.


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