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Student of the Year

MJC honors Disability Services Student of the Year

Nicole Sanchez
DSPS Student of the Year 2013

Photo of Nicole Sanchez

Nicole Sanchez is a very special young lady. She has had to overcome many obstacles throughout her life and school career. She relies on a sign language interpreter in order to “hear” her class lectures and to communicate with her instructors. Nicole was born hearing, but as a result of reoccurring high fevers, she became deaf at the age of 18 months. Her grandmother, who was a nurse, realized that Nicole was not responding appropriately to noises around her, so she decided to put it to the test and clanged some pans together behind Nicole’s back. Nicole didn’t flinch. Her grandmother’s fears were realized. At this tender young age… Nicole began her school career. During her high school years, she attended Fremont School for the Deaf. She received an award for her 3.5 GPA on two separate occasions. Towards the end of her senior year, Nicole married young and moved to Fresno, where she earned her high school diploma.

Being deaf has created many challenges for Nicole. Because she became deaf at such young age, her ability to acquire the English Language was very difficult for her. Her native language is American Sign Language (ASL) and her first actual sign was the sign for “apple”. ASL has its own grammar rules which can cause confusion when transitioning to written or spoken English. Nicole’s ability to successfully pass both English 49 and 50 is an outstanding accomplishment for an individual who is deaf.

When asked if she would change being deaf, she said, “No way… I am happy being deaf! I wouldn’t change it… even if I could!” Nicole is a mother of two. Her son Max is fourteen and her daughter, Maddy Rose is nine.

Nicole will be graduating with an A.S. degree in Culinary Arts. She has earned certificates in Culinary Arts, Food Safety and cake decorating. She loves to cook, but baking cakes is her real passion. She hopes to secure a job working in a school cafeteria or in a restaurant.


Shane McLafferty
DSPS Student of the Year 2012

Photo of Shane McLafferty

Each day we help students with a life or academic challenge. Here is an article on a success story! Shane entered MJC somewhat timid and uncertain of his abilities. He slowly explored his interest in computers. Now, he has enrolled in almost every computer class offered by MJC and started his own business. He will graduate this spring with an AS: Computer Information Systems (CIS) degree and Certificate: Computer Network Administrator. With his knowledge, attention to detail, and ethical nature he helped save the day for someone! Shane has a significant disability, however his focus is not upon his challenges. He uses his strengths and abilities to move forward in his life and is now confident he can independently support himself. Shane plans to transfer to CSU Stanislaus in fall 2013 to earn his BS degree in CIS.


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