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Modesto Junior College

Academic Status

Good Standing, Probation and Dismissal, Notification, and Readmission

Important Announcements:

Dismissed Students: Requests for Readmission require a workshop AND a meeting with a counselor. The deadline to meet with a counselor for summer and fall 2014 requests is April 30, 2014.

Beginning with fall 2014 standings will affect priority registration (per Title 5 §58108). Starting fall 2014, students on academic and/or progress probation for two consecutive terms will lose priority registration. This means that these students will register last regardless of eligibility in other priority categories such as Disability Services, EOP&S, and Veterans Status.  

If you are on 2nd level academic and/or progress probation or dismissal at the end of a term, your next registration appointment will be affected.


fall 2013 2nd level probation or dismissal = loss of priority for fall 2014
summer 2014 2nd level probation or dismissal = loss of priority for spring 2015

Good Standing

All students should strive to be in Good Standing. Students are considered in “Good Standing” when the cumulative Modesto Junior College (MJC) GPA is 2.0 or better and when less than 50% of the overall units attempted have the following grades: “W,” “I,” “NC,” and “NP.”

Probation and Dismissal

The Yosemite Community College District has adopted Board Policy & Procedure 4250, Probation, Disqualification & Readmission for students who fail to meet the criteria for Good Standing.

When students are not in good standing, they are placed on Probation. Three consecutive semesters not in good standing will lead to Dismissal from MJC.

There are two types of Probation and Dismissal:

“Academic” which is based on your cumulative (overall) MJC GPA.
”Progress” which is based on the overall percentage of Withdrawal, Incomplete, and No Credit/No Pass marks on your record.

“Academic Probation” occurs when a student has enrolled in a minimum of 12 units at MJC and his or her cumulative grade point average falls below 2.0. If a student’s cumulative GPA remains below 2.0 for three consecutive semesters, the student’s standing will be “Academic Dismissal.” The student will be dismissed from MJC for one calendar year.

MA1 = Academic Probation, first semester
MA2 = Academic Probation, second semester
MAD = Academic Dismissal

“Progress Probation” occurs when a student has enrolled in a minimum of 12 units at MJC and the percentage of W's, I’s, NC’s, and NP’s reaches or exceeds 50% of the total attempted units. If this percentage remains at 50% or above for three consecutive semesters, the student’s standing will be “Progress Dismissal.” The student will be dismissed from MJC for one calendar year.

MP1 = Progress Probation, first semester
MP2 = Progress Probation, second semester
MPD = Progress Dismissal

Please note: It is possible for a student’s standing to include both Academic and Progress Probation and/or Dismissal at the same time.


Every semester MJC calculates standings for all students and makes a notation on the transcript. For students who are on probation and or dismissed status, a notification will be e-mailed to the student e-mail account shortly after the beginning of each term. Below are samples of these notifications. The notification will inform students of their academic status as of the end of the previous term. The notification will also contain helpful information to assist students in moving off of probation/dismissed status and back into good standing.

Probation, first semester sample letter
Probation, second semester sample letter
Dismissal sample letter

Your transcript will note your standing at the end of each term. The following are the notations that you will see. If you do not see a notation for a previous term, that means that you are currently in good standing. Great job!

Academic Probation, first semester
Academic Probation, second semester
Academic Dismissal

Progress Probation, first semester
Progress Probation, second semester
Progress Dismissal


A student who has been dismissed may request reinstatement. Readmission may be granted, denied or postponed according to criteria contained in Board Policy & Procedure 4250, Probation, Disqualification & Readmission.

Important Information for Readmitted Students

If you are on Dismissal status and would like to request readmission, you must attend a workshop and meet with a counselor by the established deadline for that semester.

If you have been approved for readmission you must continue to request approval for readmission every semester until you are back in good standing. Approval is granted one semester at a time. Take care of this at least a month before your registration date. You must bring a completed grade check form for all the courses in which you are enrolled where you have not yet received a final grade. A grade check form may be picked up in the Counseling Center, Student Services Bldg, 226 or printed online by clicking this link.



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