Students at the M.J.C. East Campus

Need help?

Contact the friendly Admissions Office staff if you have questions about adding or dropping classes, or filing for pass/no pass.

The Assessment Testing Office administers tests to help you select appropriate courses or satisfy pre-requisites.

International students should start by visiting the International Student Program.

Modesto Junior College

Meet with a Counselor

Meet with a counselor regularly to make sure you are on track to reach your educational goal. 


  • Appointments are not offered during the summer.  Walk-ins are available for quick questions and/or a one-semester plan.
  • NOTE: Financial Aid appeals can only be done on a walk-in if there is an existing Ed Plan that is less than 1 year old and the student is not changing the major.
  • Students who are currently enrolled in Spring 2015 classes will be able to book appointments starting Wednesday, January 14, 2015. 

Appointments are available during the fall or spring semesters only. They must be scheduled in advance. You can schedule an appointment by visiting our office or by calling (209) 575-6080.

Online appointments are available on a limited basis.  These appointments are designed for students who live outside of the Modesto area or have challenges that make it difficult to make it to campus during normal business hours.  Our staff will help you decide if an online appointment will work for you.

Group Advising

Group Advising is available for new students. Students must apply to MJC, complete orientation, and complete assessment testing prior to signing up for a new student group advising session. Group advising is available throughout the entire summer. We encourage students to attend a session prior to their registration appointment.


  • East Campus (Student Services Building, Room 226)

See our schedule.

We can only serve a limited number of students each day based on staffing. If enough students sign-in we might not be able to accept additional walk-ins after a certain time. We are happy to tell you the estimated wait time over the phone and whether or not you will be able to meet with a counselor that day. Periodically there are changes to the walk-in schedule. *Please call before coming in especially if you are coming from out of town or if it is after 12:00 noon.


What is the difference between an appointment and a walk-in?

Below is a table showing typical reasons for which students meet with counselors.  This will help you to determine whether you need to schedule an appointment or if your concern can be addressed during our walk-in availability.


  • Career counseling
  • Career assessment interpretations
  • Make new Educational Plan
  • Change of major, new Ed Plan
  • New student counseling
  • Personal counseling
  • Financial Aid appeal (when student has no Ed Plan or Ed Plan is over 1 year old)
  • Discussion concerning study skills
  • Discuss poor student motivation issues
  • Exploring major life decisions



  • Excess Units
  • How to add or drop a class
  • Minor change to existing Ed Plan
  • One semester Ed Plan
  • Questions about a college policy or procedure
  • Discuss concerns about a class
  • Financial Aid appeal (if student has current Ed Plan less than 1 year old)
  • Referral to other services
  • Referral to Study Skills classes
  • Quick question with quick answers
  • Readmission follow-up, Grade check
  • Academic or Progress dismissal


Contact Us

Phone: (209) 575-6080
Fax: (209) 575-6720


East Campus
Student Services Building
Room 226

Office hours:

Monday - Friday

  • 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


(visit Walk-In Info for Counseling hours)