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Contact the friendly Admissions Office staff if you have questions about adding or dropping classes, or filing for pass/no pass.

The Assessment Testing Office administers tests to help you select appropriate courses or satisfy pre-requisites.

International students should start by visiting the International Student Program.

Modesto Junior College

Choosing a University

There is no single university that is best for every student in any area of study. Each university program is unique, based on the curriculum designed by the faculty at that university. The location, setting, and culture of each campus are among the other elements that can determine whether you will thrive at a given school or not. The links below provide you with information to help you research criteria you might consider when choosing a university and the resources to finding schools that match your priorities. Visit the Career Development & Transfer Center for more assistance on researching the college that is right for you.

Other ways to research and compare colleges:

1. Visit the campus you are considering
2. Meet with college representatives that visit MJC
3. Attend workshops, seminars, and Transfer Day College night offered by the Transfer Center

Check the Master Calendar to find out what activities the CD&TC is offering

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CSU Impacted Majors

California State Universities Contact List (pdf)

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