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Earn an Associate Degree

Who Can Earn a Degree?

If you've graduated from high school, or have shown high school competency by scoring well on the GED or high school proficiency examination, you may be ready to pursue higher education, or college-level classes. Achievement in higher education is marked by a college degree. There are many degrees that you can earn that are
granted when you have met certain academic requirements. Degrees are awarded in the following sequence and depend on the amount of coursework you have completed:

  1. Associate Degree
  2. Baccalaureate (Bachelors) Degree
  3. Masters Degree
  4. Doctoral Degree and/or
  5. Professional Degree

Degrees Awarded at MJC

MJC has been authorized by the state of California to award Associate Degrees and Certificates. You may choose to earn an Associate Degree, or you can prepare to transfer to a four-year college or university and earn an Associate Degree in the process. Modesto Junior College has established strong relationships with the University of California and California State University systems, and as a result students who plan to earn an Associate Degree and transfer, easily transition into university life.

Advantages of an Associate Degree

A recent study by the American Council on Education revealed that a person with an Associate Degree, who works from the age of 25 to 64, can expect to earn nearly $500,000 more in his lifetime than a person with only a high school diploma. Plus, the foundational knowledge gained from an Associate Degree has been shown to improve your ability to write, think critically, and problem-solve-attributes which are ideal for advancement in any career or profession.

What You Will Study

While pursuing an Associate Degree you'll study a variety of subjects like philosophy, math, English, and music. This foundational study is referred to as General Education. Even though you are completing general education units, you still have a major course of study, or major, that you plan to pursue. Your major will be the subject area that you wish to specialize in. In some instances, you may choose to complete a General Education major, in which you can complete courses that are equivalent to courses at a four-year university. When complete, you will be granted an Associate Degree and be ready to transfer to a university.

Transferable Units

Did you know that with careful planning you can earn an Associate Degree while also completing university transfer requirements? Transferable units are those that will fulfill major and general education requirements for a Bachelors Degree at a university. If you think you may want to transfer, it is best that you visit the University Transfer Center located in the Career Transfer Center at MJC to ensure that your units will transfer to another school. If you plan to attend a UC or CSU campus,
make sure to review an appropriate transfer pattern in our current catalog, which provides a listing of MJC courses that meet the requirements for General Education at those universities. It is important that you talk with an advisor or counselor about your transfer preparation.

How Long Does it Take?

If you are a full-time student, you can earn an Associate Degree after four full-time, 16-unit semesters or two years. If you are a part-time student, it will take longer to reach this goal, and it will depend on the number of units you enroll in each semester.

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