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Modesto Junior College
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Great Valley Museum

Wild Planet Day is Going Batty!

The Northern California Bat Alliance is coming to Wild Planet Day; and they are bringing live bats! They will be showing how bats benefit the environment, as well as dispelling fears and myths about these little flying mammals. One Myotis (little brown bat), for instance, can eat 600 mosquitoes per hour! While most bats here in California eat all kinds of insects, there is a type of bat that specializes in eating only spiders. Did you know that most bats give birth to only 1 baby called a pup? Bats for their size are the slowest reproducing mammals on earth. Plus, a pup at birth can be 25% of Mom's weight which is like a human giving  birth to a 30 pound baby! Bats live in caves, but they are learning to adapt to urban life. The largest urban bat colony is under the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin , Texas. This bridge is home to 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats. There are nearly more bats living in Austin than people!

NorCalBats is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of bats throughout Northern California. Come to Wild Planet Day to learn about these animals and their importance as insect control. Help inform others to protect our natural world and dispel misperceptions about these highly valuable little, but mighty, mammals.

Wild Planet Day is Saturday September 24th from 10-3pm!  Join us for a day of fun and festivities while we discover Wild Planet Day as we get batty!  Be prepared to meet the Bat Lady who is sure to dazzle everyone with real live bats.  We will have bat activities, including making bat houses, bat puppets and bats on a stick, science demonstrations, explore the use of microscopes and hands-on science activities.  There will also be food for sale and a variety of vendor booths provided by campus and local organizations.  Tickets are $8 or $20 for a family of 6.  Click here to purchase tickets.

Great Valley Museum
at Modesto Junior College

New Museum

Great Valley Museum is now open in its new home in the Science Community Center on the Modesto Junior College west campus.

The museum brings you the wonders of science and nature featuring:

  • Native habitat displays of the California Central Valley
  • A Discovery Room
  • Science on a Sphere (SOS) 3-D globe
  • Interactive Periodic Table
  • Observatory
  • Tours, classes, & field trips
  • Planetarium shows
  • Traveling Teacher outreach programs 
The Science Community Center is also home to the Science Math & Engineering Division.

Connect With Us

Great Valley Museum
Science Community Center
MJC West Campus
2201 Blue Gum Avenue
Modesto, CA 95358
209 575-6196
209 575-6466 fax


Museum Summer Hours
6/5/16 - 8/27/16

Sunday closed
Monday closed
Tuesday 9 to 4
Wednesday 9 to 4
Thursday 9 to 4
Friday 9 to 4
Saturday 9 to 4

Parking on the MJC campus is $2 Monday - Friday. Please bring small bills. Parking is free after 5 pm on Fridays and all day on weekends. Please check our planetarium page for show times.