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Modesto Junior College


Telescope Night at the Science Community Center/GVM Planetarium!

In partnership with the MJC Astronomy Club, the Great Valley Museum will be presenting shows in the planetarium on November 14th (at 6:15 and 7:15 PM.) We will be opening the doors to the public for showings of the full-dome digital video feature "The Ultimate Universe" at special Telescope Night prices of $4 for persons 12 and older, and $3 for ages 4-11. Sorry, but children under the age of 4 will not be admitted to the planetarium. Tickets will be sold on the days of the events only. There will be no further discounts given on these special prices.


Upcoming events: 



Grand opening Gala: A Night at the Museum

Come celebrate the beginning of a new era at the Great Valley Museum, on January 17th 2015. Watch this space for more information in the near future.
We're so excited we can bearly wait!
Gala Night
Have a little class. Party like an animal!


 Past Events:

 Wild Planet Day 2014:

Goat petting.

                                              Goat Petting


Build a Batbox


                                                          Build a Bat Box



Squid Dissection

                                                            Squid Dissection



First and Third Fridays Bookworms


Bookworms not available until the new museum opens this Fall.













Animal TalkFourth Fridays


Animal Talk is not available until the new museum opens this Fall.










For more information on any of the above call (209)575-6196






Great Valley Museum

Contact Us

Phone: 209 575-6196
Fax: 209 575-6466
Email: mjcgreatvalley


Science Community Center
West Campus

Modesto Junior College


Closed until new museum opens this Fall.

Wild Planet Day
Click here to sign up!