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Modesto Junior College
MJC East and West Campus open Monday, June 18. All classes and library services are in session. The following areas are closed: Pool, Men's PE, Gym, Library, North Drive, Practice Field. See information tent on East Campus for temporary class and library service locations.

Swim Lessons for Kids

Modesto Junior College

Swim Lessons - $40

For Ages 3-12 (must be potty-trained)

Because of MJC classes we will need to begin our swim lessons in the afternoon.

Schedule will be posted here at a later date

Classes will be held in the afternoon and the evening.

Small class size - Pollywogs and Goldfish (Levels 1, 2, & 3) will have 6 students in class. Dolphins will have a maximum of 8 students.

Experienced instructors - Our swim coaches are certified through the Red Cross for their Lifeguard and have experience teaching children how to swim.
Classes held in the heated MJC small and large pools

Ages 3-12 - Classes are separated by skill - not age. All children must be potty trained and not wear diapers or pull ups. No exceptions.

See levels below to determine what class to enroll your child.
(If not sure of child's abilities, register your child for lower level). See pre-requisites for each level below:

Pollywogs (Levels 1 & 2) Beginning Swim - The Pollywog class will be held in the small pool. Your child will be introduced to basic water safety rules, elementary floating and treading water skills with assistance, to acquaint the new swimmer to the water. The goal is to have them feel comfortable in the water with minimal assistance from coach. Students will be evaluated and grouped on the first day according to skill level.

Goldfish (Level 3) Intermediate Swim - Held in the small pool. Once your child has learned the basics and feels comfortable with floating, treading water and "swimming" to his instructor they will be ready for the Goldfish. In the Goldfish level your child will begin to work on freestyle strokes and increasing stamina to feel confident in the water. Once they are able to swim 25 yards (across the pool) using freestyle strokes, they will be ready for Dolphins.

Dolphins - (Levels 4 & 5) Advanced Swim. This class will be held in the large pool (7-12 feet deep) and will include 2 skill levels Students will be evaluated and grouped by skill level at first class. Students will work on learning and improving their strokes. They will learn proper freestyle, backstroke, side stroke. In addition to perfecting the strokes they will be building up their stamina. Also covered will be safe diving rules and turns.

Dates, times, levels for Summer 2013 classes

Lessons will be 25 minutes long - and will meet Mon. through Thurs. 

Register online at

**NOTE - If you register over the phone, by fax or mail, or in person, an additional $3 registration fee will be charged. There is not a $3 registration fee charged if you register online.

Questions about online registration?? Call us!

Call our office at 575-6063 for more information.

To register online -