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Modesto Junior College

Motorcycle and Scooter Training


The company that has provided motorcycle classes through the California Highway Patrol over the last several years has changed. Because of this, MJC (or any other motorcycle school) is unable to offer motorcycle class after January 1, 2015 UNTIL details such as new curriculum, books, training for instructors, ranges, pricing, etc. has been worked decided and given to the schools.

If you are interested in our motorcycle classes and would like us to contact you once classes resume, you can e-mail your contact information (name and phone number) to (please specify that you are interested in the motorcycle classes when e-mailing) OR click here to put yourself on an interest list. You will need to create a student account at that time. We will call you to register for the motorcycle classes as soon as we get the information and are able to set up the new classes.

FAQs: The "most frequently asked questions" 

When are your classes held?

The classes will consist of 6 hours classroom time and 10 hours of range time while riding a motorcycle.  We have 2 classes every weekend beginning on Thursday evening, all day Saturday and 1/2 day on Sunday. We offer two classes a weekend - unless enrollment numbers are down and then we will offer one class per week.

Current Class schedule

Class schedule will be posted as soon as we have it after January 5, 2015 - Click Here to put yourself on an interest list. Once we have the newest information, we will contact you to register.

 Summer "Hot Weather" information

General Motorcycle Information

Jim Jenkins

Motorcycle Training Director

Rider Coaches: