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Modesto Junior College

MICL - Modesto Institute for Continued Learning - see the latest trips and classes MICL members are enjoying!

What is MICL?
MICL (pronounced “Michael”), Modesto Institute for Continued Learning, is one of hundreds of similar institutes for mature learners that have become a part of college campuses throughout the world. Under the auspices of Modesto Junior College Community Education, MICL offers lecture, workshop, study and discussion groups during daylight hours on the MJC West Campus where adequate parking is available. Activities such as trips and social events are frequently offered, linking members to the community beyond the classroom. Planning for all classes is done in advance through the Curriculum Committee composed of MICL members.

The MICL semester is divided into three 5-week sessions referred to as A, B, and C Sessions. Classes meet weekly for two hours, at 10:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m. The class schedules are arranged so members can attend as many classes as they like for one fee each semester. Registration for individual classes is not necessary as MICL membership includes ALL classes. The members plan and often present classes, and all members are encouraged to participate. All classes are not-for-credit and are for the joy of learning.

There are no tests and usually no books to buy. The single membership fee is $40 per semester plus a $10 parking fee for parking adjacent to Building 6000, where the classes are held. The $40 fee covers registration and includes other campus services such as use of the library and bookstore.

An optional contribution of $10 per semester is requested to cover MICL classroom expenses such as curriculum needs, paper supplies, social activities and general costs of producing an interesting, educational environment.

MICL’s exciting trips will involve a charge for expenses incurred.

MICL Classroom Location
Second Street is no longer accessible to College Students. It is a county road and access to the college from it has been blocked. To access the MICL building you will need to enter from Carpenter Road. If you are traveling North on Carpenter Road, you will turn on Fire Science Drive (the next right past the light at Blue Gum Avenue). If you are traveling South on Carpenter Road, go over the overpass and turn right on Collegiate Drive (the right turn right before Blue Gum Avenue). After you turn off of Carpenter Road, you will follow the road (either Collegiate Drive or Fire Science Drive) and will turn left on Student Center Drive (you will see signs for MJC West Campus). Follow Student Center Drive (curves around, goes by a large parking log on left side, stop sign, turn left on 4th Street, right on E Street. On E Street on the right hand side, there are two older, one story buildings, the first one is shipping/receiving and the second one is Building 6000, or the MICL Building. There is parking in front of and around the building, but you do need an MICL parking permit ($10 for semester) or an MJC Parking Tag ($20).

MICL Membership - $40
If you DO NOT register at the MICL Information Meeting on August 22, or Online, there will be a $3 additional registration fee charged when you register. If you register in person, over the phone, fax or mail you will be charged an additional $3 registration fee.

MICL Parking - $10 (If you have a handicapped parking tag or do not drive a car, you do not need to purchase the Parking Tag.

These two can be combined for $50 and paid with Cash, Check )made payable to MJC), or Visa/MasterCard/Discover credit or debit card.

MICL Contribution - $10
Cash or check made payable to MICL - Paid directly to the MICL Treasurer, Jim McCabe - NOT to MJC Community Education.