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Modesto Junior College

Faculty Author Resources

The following links are available to faculty authors who are developing courses and programs in CurricUNET and want to learn the steps to create a course or program proposal:

CurricUNET Resources

ASSIST Database (Used for providing transfer information in CurricUNET)
Author Review Checklist
C-ID Website
Course Catalog Descriptions Style Guide
Course Numbering System at the CSU
Curriculum Committee Fall and Spring Meeting Dates & Deadlines
Most Common Technical Review Comments
How to Access and Revise Courses Held for Changes by the Dean
How to Access and Revise Courses Sent Back by Curriculum Rep
How to Access and Revise Courses Sent Back By Technical Review
How to Add Comparable Courses in CurricUNET Using ASSIST
How to Check Technical Review Comments for Courses Submitted
How to Create a Catalog Description
How to Create a Course Revision Proposal
How to Create a Course Inactivation Proposal
How to Create a Program Inactivation Proposal in CurricUNET Handout
How to Create a Program Revision Proposal in CurricUNET Handout 
"Dont Paste from Word" in CurricUNET Video
"How to Update CLOS" in CurricUNET Video
Bloom's Taxonomy for CLOs

AA-T & AS-T Degree Resources

How to Find C-ID descriptors
Steps for Submitting a Transfer Degree Proposal
Transfer Degree Proposal Checklist
ADT Narrative Template (Use when creating a new AAT or AST proposal)
ADT Templates Approved by the State

Committee Resources

Chancellor's Inventory of Courses and Programs
Course and Program TOP Codes/CIP Codes/Data Elements
(Use this link to research TOP and CB Codes for proposed Courses and/or Programs)
Course Outline of Record: A Curriculum Reference Guide (Revisited 2017)
Course Outline of Record: A Curriculum Reference Guide 2008
Course Compliance Spreadsheet (Updated 04/18/2018)
Curriculum Matrix for 2013-2018 (Approved 09/10/13)
Lecture/Lab/Discussion/Clinical Experience Guiding Principles (11/24/2015)

Program and Course Approval Handbook (PCAH 6th Edition)
Articulation 101-Presentation (3/20/2018)


Articulation Grid: Mathematics
CCC Courses Approved for MATH and SOC CID Descriptors (08/12/14)
Articulation Grid: Physics
UC Transfer Course Articulation Results (3/17/16)
CSU-GE and IGETC Decisions 2001-2016