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Accreditation Council


  • To develop, implement, monitor, review,  evaluate, and revise college accreditation activities in accordance with the college mission, vision, and college goals.
  • Serve as the steering committee for the accreditation process.Provide leadership in the development, planning, preparation, supervision and completion of the accreditation self evaluation.
  • Promote a campus culture that is concerned about accreditation.
  • Support the legal responsibilities of all constituency groups.


The Accreditation Council will make recommendations to the College Council on the following:

  • Annual ACCJC reports
  • Self Evaluation
  • Midterm, Follow-Up, and Special Reports to ACCJC
  • Culture of accreditation
  • Student Learning Outcomes


Brenda Thames, Vice President of Instruction/Council Chair/Accreditation Liaison Officer

Dr. Jennifer Hamilton, Dean of BBSS/Standard Co-Chair I

Dr. James Todd, Vice President of Student Services/Standard II Co-Chair

Dr. Al Alt, Vice President College & Administrative Services/Standard III Co-Chair

Dr. Jill Stearns, College President/Standard IV Co-Chair

Dr. Theresa Stovall, Academic Senate/Faculty Standard I Co-Chair

Curtis Martin, Professor-History/Council Co-Chair/Academic Senate/Faculty Standard Co-Chair II

Ellen Dambrosio, Librarian/Academic Senate/ Faculty Standard III Co-Chair

Kevin Alavezos, Academic Senate/Faculty Standard IV Co-Chair

Brian Greene, Academic Senate/Faculty Accreditation Chair

Kristina Godinez, Accounting/CSEA Standard I Co-Chair

Glen Stovall, TRIO/CSEA Standard II Co-Chair

Julie Trejo, Financial Aid/CSEA Standard III Co-Chair

Debbie Partridge, Media Services/CSEA Standard IV Co-Chair

Tanya Smith, Admissions and Records/CSEA

William Tumblin, Student/ASMJC

Abdul Khan, Student/ASMJC

Amanda Cannon, Accreditation/Assessment Process Specialist, Instruction Office/Meeting Recorder