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2017 Student Experience Survey at MJC

During April and May 2017, Modesto Junior College conducted the 2017 MJC Student Experience Survey. This survey was administered online to all Spring 2017 enrolled students at the College. A range of questions enabled students to provide qualitative and quantitative feedback about their experiences as students at MJC. The questions in the final draft of the survey are available here

Survey Results

I. Participants

*  Nearly 1700 students participated in this survey, resulting in more than 3300 qualitative comments and more than 12,000 quantitative results

*  Responses from students enrolled in Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, and 4 Years or More were roughly equal (each representing approximately 25% of total survey respondents)

*  Divisions with highest proportions of survey respondents were Business, Behavioral and Social Sciences (31% of respondents); Allied Health (21%); and Science, Math and Engineering (16%)

*  About 12% of respondents were enrolled only in online courses. The master report of survey data from online students is available here

II. Quantitative Responses 

*  A summary overview of quantitative results is available here. This data includes student ratings of various campus facilities and services in terms of their overall impact on student success.

*  A survey dashboard documenting core area of student satisfaction by campus Division is available here.

*  Ratings of items on campus that students feel have helped them to be successful, compared across Divisions, are listed here.

*  Ratings of campus services in terms of their overall usefulness and importance to students are listed here.

III. Qualitative Responses 

*  Among the 3300 qualitative comments received in this survey, the most frequently cited "most rewarding" aspects of attending MJC were the following:

(1) High quality faculty
(2) Faculty are attentive, helpful, and caring
(3) Diversity of the student body
(4) Friendliness of Staff
(5) Affordability of Education at MJC

*  The most frequently cited "most challenging" aspects of attending MJC were the following:

(1) Lack of available courses and difficulty getting into specific courses
(2) Need for more accurate and reliable transfer assistance (for students planning to attend a 4-year institution)
(3) Parking difficulty
(4) Not enough online courses
(5) Personal financial difficulty

IV. Rating Quality of Education at MJC

Students were asked to rate the overall quality of education at MJC. 

(1) 87.3% of all survey respondents rated their MJC education as "excellent" or "good"

(2) 86% of online students rated their MJC education as "excellent" or "good"

(3) The academic divisions with the highest proportions of students rating their education as "excellent" or "good" were:

* Allied Health (91%)
Family & Consumer Sciences (91%)
Literature & Language Arts (90%)
Technical Education (90%)
* Business, Behavioral and Social Science (89%)

V. Rating Instructors' Support for Student Success

Students were asked to rate instructors' support for student success at MJC. 

(1) 83% of all survey respondents rated instructors' support as "excellent" or "good"

(2) 82% of online students rated instructors' support as "excellent" or "good"

(3) The academic divisions with highest proportions of students rating instructor support for student success as "excellent" or "good" were:

* Literature & Language Arts (91.5%)
Allied Health (89%)
Family & Consumer Sciences (83.3%)
Technical Education (83%)

VI. Knowing Where to Turn

Students were asked "If you were to experience difficulty with continuing your studies at MJC, do you feel confident that there is someone you could reach out to at the College who could help you explore your options?" The answer choices were "yes", "not sure:, and "no".

(1) Overall response: 64% "yes", 25.4% "not sure", and 10.7% "no"

(2) Response by Year of Study at MJC:

  • First year 62.3% yes, 28.7% not sure, 9.0% no
  • Second year 68.8% yes, 23.6% not sure, 7.6% no
  • Third year 59.5% yes, 27.6% not sure, 12.9% no
  • Four or more years 64.6% yes, 21.6% not sure, 13.8% no

(3) Response by Primary Time of Study at MJC:

  • Daytime 69.0% yes, 21.9% not sure, 9.1% no
  • Evening 52.3% yes, 33.2% not sure, 14.5% no
  • Online 57.8% yes, 30.9% not sure, 11.3% no

(4) Response by Primary Location:

  • East campus 62.1% yes, 26.8% not sure, 11.1% no
  • West campus 66.8% yes, 22.8% not sure, 10.4% no

VII. Overall Sense of Belonging on Campus

Students were asked to rate their overall sense of belonging on campus. 

(1) Overall response: 36% "excellent", 36% "good", 21% "fair", and 7% "poor"

(2) The academic divisions with the highest proportions of students rating their education as "excellent" or "good" were:

* Allied Health
* Family & Consumer Sciences
* CTE 

(3) Detailed responses and crosstabs are available here.


VIII. Counseling and Student Success/Pathways Hubs

Students were asked to rate their overall satisfaction with the (1) quality and (2) availability of counseling services on campus, along with the (3) quality of services from the Student Success Hubs/Pathways centers. 

  • A full report is available from these results, entitled "MJC Student Experience Survey 2017: Summary Results for Counseling Services and Student Success Support Hubs on Campus."

Institutional Effectiveness

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