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Modesto Junior College

Staff Directory

2014 MJC Coaching Staff

(M) Basketball

Head Coach:  Paul Brogan
Assistant Coaches:  Michael Williams
  Wayne McGhee
  Jordan Jones

(W) Basketball

Head Coach:  Mike Girardi
Assistant Coaches:  Dale Hancock Mateo
  Kezia Merkerson

(M) Soccer


Head Coach:  Sebastian Gutierrez
Assistant Coaches:  Hugo Valadez
  Christian Ibanez
  Steve Aristotelous

(W) Soccer

Head Coach: Steve Aristotleous

(M) Cross Country

Head Coach: Demitrius Snaer

Assistant Coach: Ricardo Cuevas

(M) Track & Field

Head Coach:  Demitrius Snaer
Assistant Coaches:  Ricardo Cuevas
  Dale Hancock Mateo
  Cameron Stephens
  Sebastian Gutierrez
  Roberto Iniquez
  Jim Stevens
  Robert MacKay

(W) Cross Country

Head Coach: Jeffery Paneda

Mary Shea (Sabbatical)

(W) Track & Field

Head Coach:  Jeffery Paneda
  Mary Shea (Sabbatical)
Assistant Coaches:  Bob MacKay
  Robert Taylor
  Sebastian Gutierrez
  Kyanna Thomas
  Cameron Stephens
  Jim Stevens


Head Coach: Sam Young
Assistant Coaches: Rusty Stivers Quarterbacks/Off. Coord.
  Drew Brown Def. Backs/.Def. Coord.
  Ron Gross Offensive Line
  Joe Luke Jr Defensive Line
  Rob Cozart Outside Linebackers
  Eddie Abassi Inside Linebackers
  Kevin Ruiz Wide Receivers
  Brett Butler Running Backs
  Russ Lewis Strength and Conditioning
  Paul Assad Kickers/Punters
  Tim Brown Defensive Backs/Cornerbacks


Head Coach:  Kelly Nasrawi
Assistant Coaches:  Mollie Madrid
  Thad Brown
  Andrea Gonzales

(W) Golf

Head Coach: Milan Motroni

Assistant Coaches: Dana Ebster

(M) Golf

Head Coach:  Ron Gross
Assistant Coaches: Arnold Gross
  Doug Hodge
  Cameron Kisst

(W) Tennis

Head Coach: Milan Motroni

Assistant Coaches: Alex Lopez

(M) Tennis

Head Coach: Shawn Black

(M) Water Polo

Head Coach:  Eric Fischer
Assistant Coaches:  Tom Hunter
  Carlo Franzia

(W) Water Polo

Head Coach:  Eric Fischer
Assistant Coaches:  Tom Hunter
  Carlo Franzia

(M) Swimming

Head Coach: Eric Fischer
  Kurt Olsen (Sabbatical)
Assistant Coaches: Shane Nunes

(W) Swimming

Head Coach:  Eric Fischer
  Kurt Olsen (Sabbatical)
Assistant Coaches: Shane Nunes


Head Coach: Jesse Vazquez

Assistant Coaches: Mike Grijalba


Head Coach: Zeb Brayton
Assistant Coaches: Danny Ayala
  Vincent Roberts
  Matt Brown
  Bo Aiello


Head Coach: Tiger Shelton
Assistant Coaches:  Lyndsi McDougal
  Michele Shelton


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