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Modesto Junior College

Staff Directory

MJC Athletics Staff

Athletic Director   stavrianoudakis  Nick Stavrianoudakis  (209)575-6835
Title IX Administrator    James Todd (209)575-6060
Administrative Specialist    Shamiran Pourelyas  (209)575-6270
Administrative Secretary, PE    Colleen Lemburg  (209)575-6269
Athletic Equipment Technician  (Women)  Mary Jo Brasil   (209)575-6283  
Athletic Equipment Technician  (Men)  Ron "Reno" McGuire  (209)575-6282  


MJC Coaching Staff

(M) Basketball

Head Coach:  Brogan Paul Brogan (209)575-6048
Assistant Coaches:    Michael Williams    
    Brian Bell    
    Jordan Jones    

(W) Basketball

Head Coach:   mgdirectory Mike Girardi (209)575-6003
Assistant Coaches:     Larissa Founts    

(M) Soccer

Head Coach:   Sebastian Gutierrez Sebastian Gutierrez (209)575-6155
Assistant Coaches:    Hugo Valadez    

(W) Soccer

Head Coach  Steve Aristotelous Steve Aristotelous (209)575-6155
Assistant Coach   Christian Ibanez    

(M) Cross Country

Head Coach snaer  Demitrius Snaer (209)575-6279

(M) Track & Field

Head Coach:  snaer  Demitrius Snaer (209)575-6279
Assistant Coaches:         
     Sam Young    
    Cameron Stephens    
    Robert Mackay    
     Jeffrey Paneda    

(W) Cross Country

Head Coach  Mary Shea Mary Shea (209)575-6219
Assistant Coach   Jeffrey Paneda    

(W) Track & Field

Head Coach: 
 Mary Shea
Mary Shea  (209)575-6219
 Assistant Coaches   Jeffrey Paneda    
    Bob MacKay    
     Cameron Stephens    
    Sebastian Gutierrez    
     Andrea Severson    
     Kyanna Thomas    


Head Coach: rustys  Rusty Stivers  (209)575-6712 
Assistant Coaches:        
    Ron Gross - Offensive Line    
    Joe Luke Jr - Defensive Line    
    Sam Young - Outside Linebackers    
    Eddie Abassi - Inside Linebackers    
    Kevin Ruiz - Quarterbacks    
    Brett Butler - Athletic Dev.    
    Jeff Borden - Offensive Assistant    
    Thomas Lanto - Running Backs    
    Kirk Peterson - Recruiting    
    Zach Hollis - Wide Receivers    


Head Coach:  nasrawi Kelly Nasrawi (209)575-6270
Assistant Coaches:         
    Thad Brown    
    Mollie Madrid    

(W) Golf

Head Coach   milandirectory    Milan Motroni  (209)575-6267
Assistant Coach       Dana Arnold Ebster    
        Alex Lopez    

(M) Golf

Head Coach:  ron gross  Ron Gross  (209)575-6792
Assistant Coaches:   Arnold Gross    
    Doug Hodge    
    Kyle Thomas    

(W) Tennis

Head Coach milan  Milan Motroni  (209)575-6267
Assistant Coach   Alex Lopez    

(M) Tennis

Head Coach shawnblack  Shawn Black  (209)575-6275 
Assistant Coach    Ricardo Peloso    

(M) Water Polo

Head Coach:  eric  Eric Fischer (209)575-6268
Assistant Coaches:    Ethan Heacox    

(W) Water Polo

Head Coach:   eric Eric Fischer (209)575-6268
Assistant Coaches:    Ethan Heacox    

(M) Swimming

Head Coach:  eric Eric Fischer (209)575-6268 
Assistant Coaches:    Shane Nunes    

(W) Swimming

Head Coach:   e Eric Fischer  (209)575-6268 
Assistant Coaches:    Shane Nunes    


Head Coach  jesse Jesse Vasquez  (209)575-6270
Assistant Coach   Mike Grijalba    


Head Coach: brayton Zeb Brayton  (209)575-6274 
Assistant Coaches:   Chris Campos    
    Vincent Roberts    
    Matt Brown    
    Paul "Bo" Aiello    
    Paul Chavez    


Head Coach:

 ryan bagwell Ryan Bagwell   (209)575-6835
Assistant Coaches:     Megan Britton    

Athletic Training

Athletic Trainer bobbyB Bobby Boswell (209)575-6052


Contact Us

MJC Athletics Office
Phone: (209)575-6269